Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Profound Renewal

February 17th, 2017

We’re in the middle of two eclipses, feeling suspended and in anticipation…

You are already experiencing the effect of the next big event as we build up to the very potent Solar New Moon Eclipse in Pisces on Sunday, February 26 (at 2:58 pm in London, 9:58 am EDT, 6:58 am Pacific).

This powerful eclipse triggers the degree or the number of leadership, courage, and infinite resources:

  • The Sun and Moon will be at in Pisces.
  • Feb 26 is an 8 Universal Day.
  • 2017 is the 17th year which reduces to 8.

A triple 8-8-8 activation means you’ll experience many opportunities to activate your internal strength and fortitude in order to create abundance and manifest your independence.

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Valentine’s Day: Completion Begins within YOU

February 14th, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

In 2017 the extraordinary Valentine’s Day Code for February 14 symbolizes eternal love through freedom and communication.

You are open for you and the other to be free to express yourselves freely… without any judgment.

  • This year’s universal date for 2.14.2017 adds up to the immortality number 17 – also present in 2017.
  • 17 reminds you to hold your boundaries, to relate from a place of strength – not weakness.

Being fulfilled (fully filled) from within yourself FIRST allows you to reach out and relate without needing the other person to fill your cup in order for you to feel complete.

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Leo Lunar Eclipse: Awakening Your Inner LIGHT

February 7th, 2017

Early Saturday, February 11th at 12:32am in London and, Friday, Feb 10th in the Americas, (7:32 p.m EDT, 4:32 pm Pacific), the powerful Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 22° (Sun in Aquarius).

  • Eclipses are open gateways to other dimensions – a portal to the divine – where we get access to in depth understanding.
  • Eclipses are game-changers. They provide a Portal to get back on track, to get lined up with our Destiny.

Leo rules the heart and is playful and energetic. In any full moon you will FEEL deeply.

So this eclipse will ask you – do you have the courage to live your life in a heart-centered way? Is LOVE your ultimate experience and intention?

This Lunar Eclipse in Leo activates the truly ROYAL part of you – AWAKENING you to embrace JOY & CREATIVITY and LEADERSHIP.

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Meet me in Belize!

February 7th, 2017

belize-sunsetIf you’re ready to help change the world, immerse yourself with some incredible enlightened beings making a true impact on the world, and enjoy a luxury vision quest in Paradise, read on…

I’m excited to officially announce my first-ever Divine Immersion retreat in Belize.

Divine Immersion, happening July 17 – 22, will be bringing together just up to 10 amazing enlightened beings who have a deep urgency to have their mission expressed at it’s greatest visibility in the world.

  • If you yearn to experience yourself not only from the inside out, but from the outside in as a divine energetic being…
  • If you are ready to activate your soul’s mission to reach it’s GREATEST visibility with 6 days of profound coaching, channeling and guided experiences…
  • If you want to experience your celestial awakening in the spiritual vortexes located in Belize’s pristine jungles, beaches and Mayan temples…

Then join me on an exclusive “Vision quest” and adventure retreat in beautiful Belize!

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Jupiter Retrograde: Embracing Interdependence

February 6th, 2017

Jupiter RetrogradeWe’ve entered a momentous week in 2017…

Not only do we have a magnificently fortunate Lunar Eclipse in four days, but Jupiter has just turned retrograde.

Hours ago Jupiter stationed retrograde at 23° Libra – the Royal Star of the Lion number. During its retrograde cycle Jupiter will be moving back to 13° Libra before turning direct again on June 9. This is a very powerful call to integrate how you communicate in all your close relationships. Are you happy? Can you expand freely?

23 and 13 are the numbers of Freedom and Transformation.

Over the next four months you’ll have many opportunities to integrate new, refreshing values into all your close relationships.

How are you relating? Is there an equal exchange of energy, as symbolized by the balances – Libra?

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Love is the theme for February!

February 2nd, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 8.25.55 AMHappy February! It's double eclipse month… so definitely expect major shifts and unexpected gifts.

Love is the theme for February!

The tremendous LIGHT energy from both Eclipses fills our hearts with delight.

You are accepting transformation as a vital part of your life now… and as you accept change as a constant gift from the universe you allow Source to guide you. Trusting in the inherent order of the universe allows a deep inner security and ultimately leads to serenity and peace.

This transformation is bringing you closer to the LIGHT, faster than ever!

On February 1 the Moon entered Aries.

Aries is the 1st sign setting up a big new beginnings energy.

As the moon enters a new 28-day lunar cycle on February 1, and since February has exactly 28 days, we are set up for a fresh start of major consequences.

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Choose Love, not suffering xoxo

January 26th, 2017

ec6f9ff1945e31f8f950719ab4e9076eJanuary is an 11 Universal month of being fully aware in this present moment – and sharing love.

During this shift into a brand new 9-year Universal Cycle in 2017 many are feeling the pain of coming through the birth canal and witnessing the birth of their brand new life.

When you are in the midst of pain it might seem impossible to feel love and joy.

When this happens, turn on some beautiful music or take a walk in nature – Open your heart to allow love to caress you awake.

With Love everything is possible – you are not separated from love – ever.

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Aquarius New Moon: Epic Shifts, Excitement and Freedom

January 23rd, 2017

Welcome to the Aquarius New Moon on Saturday January 28 at 12:07am Universal Time in London – and on Friday, Jan 27 in the Americas.

The big theme is: Truth is discovered through complete surrender of the EGO – and this powerful shift is aided by January’s 11 Universal Month gateway of double new beginnings.

Two weeks ago the January 12 Cancer Full Moon brought a HUGE release of old energy and surrender to the divine. We had an INTENSE Grand Square or Cardinal Grand Cross activating us…

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January 17, 2017: Miracles Unfold…

January 17th, 2017

CfsJ5ZFUkAA8tRRHappy amazing January 17, 2017!

Miracles unfold today as the incredibly glorious 17:17 and 10:10 codes intertwine for the ultimate eternal awakening.

January 17 is a 17 Universal Day in 2017.

1.17.2017 adds up to 19/10 in a 10 Universal Year.

This code activates the message for ALL of 2017: As you lead from the heart, you step into eternal Light and Love.

Miracles are commonplace now.

In 2017 you see the presence of Miracles in your life every day – as you instantly manifest love and light (10) and create a new legacy of love (17).

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Full Moon in Cancer: Positive Pyramid of Light

January 7th, 2017

Mercury stationed direct again yesterday January 8, hurray!

Coming next on Thursday, January 12th is the pivotal Full Moon in Cancer at 22° – with the Sun at 22° Capricorn – ushering us through January’s 11 Gateway into a powerful “Grand Square” – Grand Pyramid of Light .

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