When the sun goes quiet…

July 21st, 2014

sun-big-solar-flare-100910-02Scientist are baffled about the sun’s lack of sunspot activity in the last few days.

The sun’s 11-year cycle is in its peak period right now, called a ‘solar maximum’ … so why has the sun gone quiet?

Solar physicists are calling this the weakest solar maximum in the past 100 years.

Sunspots create giant flashes of light called solar flares as well as the highly dramatic coronal mass ejections, when material is shot way off into space. As energy fields on the surface of the sun get twisted up and tangled together, it is eventually released in a very explosive way.

Can the sun’s strange silence be explained with astro-numerology?

Why Love Takes the Ultimate Courage

July 15th, 2014

Love_11On July 15th a powerful Numerology ‘Love Code’ is being activated.

• 15/6 is the number of the Spiritual Alchemist who uplifts others with Love and Joy.

7.15.2014 adds up to 20/2, the number of intimate partnerships.

2 and 6 combine for a beautiful expression of peaceful cooperation and passionate love.

And July this year adds a big does of adventure. It is a 14/5 Universal Month urging you to experience Freedom. So what does adventure have to do with Love?

True unconditional Love is another expression of Freedom.

However, when there is Freedom there is always change. And change can be scary.

So, people can be afraid to go to that ultimate place of love, where change is a constant. But it is only in this place where love is most exquisite, flowering constantly, with fragrant petals opening and closing… and falling away.

Secrets of the Number 3…

July 9th, 2014

Beethoven's FifthI’ve been reveling in the extraordinary power of young prodigy pianists making music for the past week.

My daughter Clara is attending an international piano festival and the experience has been intense, inspiring, fun and a major growth experience for her.

At a masterclass yesterday a renowned teacher and pianist brought up numbers in music!

One of the young students performed a famous Beethoven Piano Sonata, and this teacher pointed out a wonderful and unique numerology phenomenon:

Beethoven does things in 3s.

Throughout his musical compositions Beethoven repeats music three times. In this case, there were 3 consecutive sequences and within each sequence, 3 consecutive repetitions of a phrase.

No wonder… because the effect of the triple repeat is very, very powerful:

•    It mesmerizes the mind.

•    It ingrains the music subconsciously.

•    It sets off a visceral response that engages the heart and mind with each other.

3 represents the sacred TRIAD. When anything comes in threes, we remember.

Time for Freedom!

July 3rd, 2014

american_bald_eagle_in_flight2-22Do you have what it takes to be independent? To be truly free?

I am asking myself this question a lot these days. And with ‘Independence Day’ tomorrow here in the U.S., we are reminded of the actual meaning of Freedom.

Having a free-domain over your life is the key to happiness.

It gives you power, flexibility, abandonment, latitude, opportunity and immunity from fear.

Without freedom you feel burdened, weak, victimized, captive, incompetent, confined and impotent.

New July Forecast: Fortunate Shifts!

June 29th, 2014

July is a month I have been looking forward to for a while. For one, the 14/5 Universal Month energy magnifies the 2014 bringing back fun and a lighter energy.

The real game changer this month takes place in the FINAL week.

Summer Solstice Celebration!

June 20th, 2014

midsummer-sunsetI’m in a hurry this morning because I’m only a few hours from starting my Mastermind meeting today!

The “Astral Alliance Mastermind” is the most complete and powerful high-level group program I offer, appropriate for those heart-centered entrepreneurs with businesses begun and developing. Membership offers unmatched, consistent, ongoing collection of business growth and success resources, training, networking, mastermind work and wealth implementation strategies

Day after day I hear nothing but raving success from my mastermind members, and that’s what gets me so excited today!

We are getting together for our second live retreat this weekend here in Los Angeles, and I chose this weekend because of the powerful energies aligned with the Summer Solstice.

Be aware that this Solstice begins in just hours on June 21 at 6:51 AM EDT, 11:51 AM Universal Time.

Can you be wealthy without an Astrologer?

June 17th, 2014

Young Stars in Milky WayTake a look at these famous quotes:

“Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire you need an astrologer.”

– J. P. Morgan

Sound surprising? I don’t think so!

If you now anything about stars and codes, you realize both Emerson and J.P. Morgan knew exactly what they were talking about.

Full Moon on Friday the 13th!

June 12th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.53.18 AMWith Mercury and Neptune both fully in their retrograde cycles now and a powerful Full Moon just hours away, your inspiration is on fire!

Mercury is slowly moving backwards in Cancer intensifying your sensitive inner world of feelings.

Neptune is pivoting ever so slowly in Pisces at 7 degrees, emphasizing your spiritual connection to all things and everyone.

And the Full Moon?

This Moon brings tremendous excitement and self empowerment.

4 Reasons Your Life is Changing

June 10th, 2014

lotus_lightDo you ever feel like change is coming at you faster than you can handle?

Especially lately?

Have you asked for things to shift, but weren’t quite ready for your prayers to be answered in such a BIG way?

You’re definitely not alone!

Change is a natural part of life. Lately, sudden change has begun to permeate many people’s lives so strongly, that some have been swept away by the impact.

The truth is – the pace of change is accelerating.

It’s been building for a while, but really shifted since the 2 Eclipse / Cardinal Grand Cross event less than two months ago.

If you haven’t felt the pace of change intensifying yet, you will.

Mercury Retrograde Now: Prepare for Shifting Relationships

June 6th, 2014

mercincancer07212Strange to say, but I’m actually looking forward to June’s Mercury Retrograde.

Love is being nurtured on many different fronts during this retrograde… and what better time than the traditional wedding month of June!

Let me clarify first…

Both Mercury AND Neptune are going retrograde within hours of each other:

  • Mercury on June 7 which is a 20/2 Universal Date of Love and Relationships.
  • Neptune on June 9 – the number of Unconditional Love and a 22/4 Universal Date if peaceful coexistence.

2 is a very sensitive number of cooperation and partnerships.