Top 10 Words for Maximizing 2014

September 17th, 2014

64So yesterday I was in the midst of one of my favorite things to do – spiraling deeply into the Astrology-Numerology code for one of my clients.

The first of three readings was only 45 minutes away…

And then my housekeeper, Rosa, walked in and said, “Tania, Tania, there’s a lot of water on the kitchen floor!”

It took me a moment to switch gears. I had to recalibrate from a meditative, creative state to a – “there’s an urgent problem you have to attend to NOW” state of mind. I headed straight to the kitchen. The flooding was extensive and I soon realized I needed to cancel all my clients for the day in order to handle the emergency. (First time I’ve ever done that.)

Only later in the afternoon, when I put my astro-numerology hat back on, did I tune into the code.

  • It was September 16, a 16/7 Day.
  • September is a 16/7 Universal Month.

11 is an Invitation…

September 11th, 2014

two-trees-sally-traceAs I begin writing this, it is 11:11 pm the night before September 11.

That wasn’t planned!

Number 11 is literally a symbolic gateway into the unknown. 11 is an invitation to step through your fears and welcome the divine. 11 reminds us of the possibility of godliness within us.

God is not something we can prove.

Godliness is something we can aspire to.

The 11 gateway enables you to push the limits, to risk, to challenge and to explore the infinite possibilities within you.

Seeking the divine within you is the meaning of godliness.

Today the number 11 is activated, and that means you will feel movement. You are being asked to travel and to discover a whole new perspective.

777 Moon of Mysticism

September 7th, 2014

full-moon-237523A striking Pisces Full Moon lights up our skies on September 9 at 2:39 AM Universal Time (September 8 for North and South America).

This is a very potent SuperMoon.

9.9.2014 triggers a triple 7 in Numerology – where 2014 is a 7 Universal Year, September is a 16/7 Universal Month and the 9th of September a 25/7 Universal Date.

This 777 Code Activation brings MAJOR internal shifts.

777 is akin to a triple lightning strike of intuition and sudden awakening.

Amazingly, the Sun and Moon will be at 16/7 Degrees as well! What an unprecedented lineup!

Exploring your multi-dimensional soul

September 4th, 2014

healing2In the last few months I have allowed myself to explore new facets of my soul.

Since April’s life-changing Cardinal Grand Cross, I have swung the gates wide open, allowing ample room to breathe in everything life has to offer. Parts of me I never knew existed have been awakened.

I didn’t want to stay in a place of safety anymore.

Instead, I have been experiencing life as a multi-dimensional being, embracing ALL that life has to offer – unbridled and unrestricted.

Have you changed direction recently? For me, many surprising events have ensued. Every aspect of my life and work has undergone some unexpected transformation or major change. My perception about love, wealth, even death, has evolved.

This is all to be expected in a 7 Universal Year.

NEW September Forecast: Celebrate and Rejuvenate!

August 31st, 2014

Welcome to September, a month of Awakenings! Big internal shifts and enticing new ventures await you. You’ll be healing, letting go, welcoming spiritual nourishment and learning profound secrets about your true soul connection to the divine.

September triggers a code of meditation, rejuvenation and celebration. Even the Full Moon carries this profoundly healing code in its degree number and date!

A really positive planetary lineup takes place in the FINAL week of the month! You’ll love this one because it awakens a profound joy about your future and a positive change in your finances :)

Here is that link to my special 5-hour online seminar “2015 Money Making Formula”.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

Movement, Money and Music

August 29th, 2014

love-money-nosYesterday evening I attended a meeting at my daughter’s private school.

As I was sitting amongst the parents listening to the administrators and teachers, I was filled with gratitude. Being in a position to support my daughter so she can fulfill her destiny is one of my greatest joys.

Her school is just minutes from my new home and a perfect compliment to her life as an aspiring concert pianist.

None of this would be possible without… money.

Talking about money is a taboo subject in many circles. That tells you something about the fear of money. Just like talking about sex and death, money can elicit deep, conflicting emotions.

It needn’t be that way. Life is a lot more fun when you turn your passion into money, play with it and pay attention to it.

Virgo New Moon Forecast

August 24th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 10.30.59 PMAugust 25th births a highly spiritual Virgo New Moon at 2 degrees.

Virgo is an earthy, practical, fertile sign and the natural ruler of the 6th house in astrology. This house governs your health, your work environment, daily habits and how you nourish yourself through nutrition and exercise every day. The 6th house is the house of Service.

How are you putting your gifts into service?

What are you contributing to making this world a better place?

(The nature of your area of service is revealed in the sign and the degree number ruling your OWN 6th house in your astrology birth chart.)

Are you paying attention to your health?When you FEEL good, when you are healthy, you are STRONG. You are invincible. You are energized. You feel abundant and nothing can stop you.

This Virgo New Moon is unlocking and expanding your intuitive powers as the Sun and Moon are in opposition to dreamy Neptune in Pisces at 6 degrees.

Are you tuned into your code?

August 19th, 2014

738735main_ngc602_665Recently someone asked me why people are so fascinated by astrology.

Astrology is the study of the heavenly planetary formations as they relate to our journey on Earth.

In ancient India and Sumeria it was understood that mankind and the stars were interconnected.

We all come from stardust.

Thus, our connection to the stars is undeniable.

Our sun is a star – fiery, dynamic and alive, the source of light and life influencing us every day.

Each star and planet carries a unique frequency. The movement of the stars and planets traveling through space create a cosmic symphony that affects every one of us.

When you were born, a snapshot of the stars defined your code. At the time of your birth a unique melody was emitted.

This melody is the Song of Your Soul.

Robin Williams – Gentle Lion of Love

August 13th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 11.36.07 PMWhen I heard of Robin Williams’ sudden death from suicide, it was one of those moments of sheer disbelief and shock.

Williams was one of my all-time favorite artists, melting my heart with his genuine spirit and tenderness while enlightening us with his genius and humor. He had a twinkle in his eye…

I will miss his presence here on Earth!

Robin Williams departed his earthly life on what was a 9 Personal Day for him. 9 in any cycle symbolizes endings and transition. In fact, on August 11, 2014, Williams’ personal code resonated to 7-8-9the final three single digits, symbolizing spirit, eternal life and unconditional love.

If there is any consolation, it is that death is a gateway just like the number 11 – a gateway between two lives: the one a person leaves behind and the one that is awaiting him beyond.

In death, the soul transfers from one body to another realm.

This transformation, as embodied by the number 9, is the end of a journey and the continuation of an even greater one.

Your Supermoon Forecast

August 9th, 2014

1-120506002028On Sunday I’m planning to get a long massage at my home – I know it will be an intense day!

August 10, a day of Instant Manifestation in numerology, will bring surprises and transformation on the heels of a powerful Aquarius Full Moon

Let’s look at the astro-numerology – a very intriguing 15-16-17-18 code is triggered:

  • The Supermoon occurs during August, 2014 – a 15Universal Month.
  • 8.10.2014 adds up to a 16 Universal Date.
  • The planet Uranus creates a harmonious geometric angle at 16 degrees.
  • Saturn is in a tense relationship to this Full Moon and lies at 17 degrees.
  • The Sun and Moon oppose each other at 18 degrees.