New Moon in Leo: Empowerment, Energy, Ecstasy

July 27th, 2016

Get ready for a fiery and fabulous LEO New Moon on August 2!

Leo rules the heart in astrology and you are filled with lion-hearted courage now. That strong energy of confidence is magnified by the numerology code in August – a 17 Universal Month of immortality and leadership.

There’s a lot of hope with this code and a lot of positive energy.

What’s so exciting is that six planets are in FIRE signs:

Press the Pause Button

July 22nd, 2016

Peaceful-Nature-Wallpapers-7Summer is upon us here in the northern hemisphere, and I’m looking forward to a vacation with Clara soon!

Before that I’m catching up after supporting her during the international piano festival she just attended – lots still to do! And I’m reminded how important it is to take time to breathe.

Summer naturally provides us a wonderful opportunity to relax and press the Pause button.

Pausing can happen in a myriad of ways – for a short moment, for a day – and sometimes even for a period of months and years. It’s so important to take those moments and recognize when to press that pause button. It can be done at ANY time.

Pausing in conversations is an instant spiritual boost.

When you make it a practice to pause before you respond to someone, all your relationships improve!

In fact, if you could just do this one thing, it would change how your interact and experience all relationships in your life.

Feel the Commitment to Be the Miracle (Venus trine Saturn)

July 20th, 2016

Be the miracleToday Venus trines Saturn (a 120° aspect in astrology) a beautiful invitation for you to manifest your inner music.

You have something important to share with the world, and that opportunity for you to shine your light uninhibited, with total trust and immense joy, is here for you now.

Commit to your spiritual mission. Honor the incredible miracle that you are!

Venus values life, and Saturn respects it.

Venus loves, Saturn implements.

When you see kids at play, they don’t hold anything back. They exclaim their happiness or frustration, their passionate discoveries or their sadness.

Kids don’t know how to play it cool.

They learn and grow fast because they taste the full miracle of both pain and joy. They don’t resist life, but fully immerse themselves in whatever appears, welcoming it all – whether it is chaos or sheer excitement.

Venus feels love and Saturn provides the structure for that love to flower and have a platform.

Full Moon in Capricorn: Courage and Fire

July 14th, 2016

Welcome to the powerful Capricorn FULL Moon!

This exciting lunation occurs on July 19 in the Americas, close to midnight on July 19 Universal Time (London 11:56 pm) and on July 20 in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

The big message with this full moon is to never hold back – go internal for inspiration and courage, get adventurous with your career and play time, and confidently implement your spiritual mission.

Capricorn rules the Career sector in Astrology – so pay close attention to big shifts in how you go forth and express your calling!

Other highlights:

Independence & Intuition

July 4th, 2016

Beautiful-fireworks-with-heart-vector-01Today we celebrate independence and freedom here in the U.S.

With Mars finally starting to inch its way forward again after a long retrograde (YAY for forward momentum!), the feeling of freedom this is generating makes our independence and joy even greater.

Allow yourself to get swept away.

No longer resist what is happening to you.

Open your heart completely – to the universe.

Ultimately, freedom is about complete surrender. Accepting what is and not trying to force what isn’t – or… what cannot be.

Cancer NEW Moon on July 4th: Love Letter from the Universe

July 1st, 2016

Welcome to your Astro-Numerology forecast for the beautiful New Moon in Cancer.

Happening on the 4th of July at 7:02 am Eastern Time, 4:02 am Pacific time, and at 12:02 pm Universal Time (in London) – this is the SAME time that the Full Moon was exact at two weeks ago!

Think back – what was going on for you around the Solstice and Full Moon after June 20th? Those topics will receive another New Moon boost in early July!

This New Moon is super dynamic – ALL the planets are activated on July 4th. Since our solar system is deeply connected to our rhythms and cycles, when every planet is triggered by the sacred heavenly geometry, it follows that every aspect of our life is intensified too.

Mars moves Direct!

June 29th, 2016

woman-865021_640It’s a day of celebration, as Mars ends its retrograde cycle and starts turning forward or DIRECT again!

Mars has been retrograde since April 17… and during this two-and-a-half month period the planet of energy, inner fire and action has been testing us – asking us to go within and come to a realization about what we want to devote our full attention on next.

By now and in the next weeks you will definitely KNOW which direction will be in your best interest – and which goals to change, or who and what to let go of.

How “Brexit” Creates a Leap of Faith (in Changing Times)

June 27th, 2016

image for june 27Yes, it was a shock – some celebrating, some devastated about Britain’s exit “Brexit” vote to leave the European Union.

The world of business and investing doesn’t like uncertainty, but this moment is another powerful sign of rapid changes sweeping the world, not just financially, but on every level.

Rely on innovation, and allow creativity to guide you.

Accept all that is so.

This vote for the U.K. to leave the European Union happened…

  • …following that amazingly powerful “Grand Cross” during the FULL Moon in Sagittarius
  • …after the pivotal Solstice 12 hours later
  • …while Saturn moved to an exact square (tension resulting in action) with Neptune
  • …during Mars retrograde coming to a standstill before stationing direct on June 29 (a change of direction is any planets most powerful moment).

Your Spiritual Family is Real!

June 21st, 2016

EmpoweredByJohnMySoulFamilyJune is a 15/6 universal month of love, abundance, nurturing, spiritual alchemy… and family.

Family can be comprised of your genetic family, your soul family, your intimate partnerships and your dearest friends. These families are part of the physical experience – human beings who support you, inspire you, listen to you and have your best interest at heart.

But what about your “unseen” family, your spiritual team?

What about your guides that live in the spirit realm?

Even if you’re not aware of it, you are always connected to the beyond. You have a family there too!

Beyond the physical… a metaphysical family.

Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul

June 17th, 2016

discovering-spiritual-lightMy daughter Clara is finishing up 8th grade this month and her writing assignments in Civics are focused on social justice – her all-time favorite subject (after music, of course!).

I wanted to share something she wrote for one of her assignments this week.

It was to write a fictional story incorporating a person who had committed a crime, and the aftermath of that event.

Clara loves this kind of assignment! The main character in her story, Fantasia, meets face-to-face with a criminal (who is now apprehended). At the end of the story, she says this to him:

“Just remember that in the end, you will always be loved. And you can never destroy love no matter what you do. And love will never fight against you or leave you. It will always be with you. You are just going through a very hard time, that’s all. And still, love will always be with you, and even though you might not feel it right now, it is still with you every single minute, just remember that. And love is forever. In the end we all love you. We always will. Nobody is an enemy, we are all one, no matter what someone does. And if you need someone to talk to about things like this, or anything that is on your mind, I will always be there to listen to you. Always. Because I love you no matter what. And as for right now, all you really need is simply a big hug,” Fantasia said. Then she embraced him warmly for a good 20 minutes as she dried his tears and brushed them away.”