Amal Alamuddin’s New Name

October 17th, 2014

lawyeramal_amaluddinThe debate about whether Amal Alamuddin should have changed her name to Amal Clooney is raging online.

Even the website for the law firm Alamuddin works for crashed on Tuesday after it was revealed that the human rights attorney changed her name to “Amal Clooney” on her profile page.

Wikipedia has changed her name to “Amal Clooney” as well.

From my perspective, there is only ONE important factor to consider in any name change:

Is the new spelling a fortunate one?

In Amal Clooney’s case the answer is – NO.

Between eclipses…

October 14th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 10.29.28 PMRight now are in a very potent period, between two powerful Eclipses.

October 8 was the incredible Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

On October 23 we will experience a Partial Solar Eclipse.This will be a New Moon Eclipse and will signify major new beginnings!

A dynamic numbers code is triggered on these two Eclipse dates, framing a two-week period of sudden shifts, unexpected news, powerful breakthroughs and intense insights.

Here are the two Eclipse Codes:

Intense Blood Moon TOTAL ECLIPSE Today!

October 7th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.03.52 PMDo you remember the beautiful trine between Jupiter and Uranus in late September?

Right now a spectacular Full Moon Total Eclipse is triggering that exquisite Grand Fire Trine.

This isn’t just ANY eclipse – this is a Blood Moon / Aries Lunar Eclipse that is magical and intense beyond words.

Its effects will last a whole year.

This is the second of four Blood Moon Eclipses (the first was in April) and is even larger than the first.

Why this Mercury Retrograde is Important

October 3rd, 2014

fantasy_universe-normalTomorrow, on October 4, Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks!

As with each Mercury Retrograde, we are reviewing something important that has recently begun in our past.

In this case, the numerology code points to PARTNERSHIPS:

  • Mercury retrogrades at 2 degrees in Scorpio.
  • The Sun is at 11/2 Degrees in Libra
  • Saturn lies at 20/2 degrees in Scorpio
  • Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, is in Capricorn at 11/2 Degrees

In numerology the number 2 governs close one-on-one relationships.

Have you recently met someone who has played an important role in shifting your life?

October Double Eclipse Forecast!

October 1st, 2014

October is HERE — what an exciting month this is!!

TWO Eclipses begin and end October during a Mercury Retrograde in an empowering 8 Universal Month.  Find out what all this means for YOU personally, especially regarding your finances:

Your Luck is Changing…

September 25th, 2014

2012-mother-s-day-beautiful-flower-purple-flower_2560x1600_97329Did you know a brilliantly fortunate game-changer launches today? You are being fired up with courage, joy and optimism.

That means it’s time to take BOLD action!

September 25 is a day of celebration. Starting today and continuing deep into next year, an amazingly magnificent astrological “trine” is being danced in the skies between Jupiter and Uranus.

What a beautiful, sparkling energy surge we have at our disposal!

You are experiencing your inner brilliance in unpredictable, surprising ways.

Jupiter in Leo imbues you with tremendous optimism and confidence, while Uranus in Aries brings an awakening, a liberation and an assertive drive to succeed.

Pluto + 11 = Major Shifts

September 22nd, 2014

Rainbow-Nature-White-HDIn the next few days you’ll be experiencing the ending of something or someone that you have outgrown, and beginning to embrace a new way of being.

Pluto is about to begin moving forward again and is currently at a complete standstill.

On September 23 at 1:36 AM Universal Time (September 22 in the Americas), Pluto goes from Retrograde to Direct at 11 degrees.

Not at 11:14 or 11:53 degrees, but at EXACTLY 11:00 Degrees!

Literally two hours later the Sun enters Libra, as we welcome the Equinox – the onset of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the South.

Top 10 Words for Maximizing 2014

September 17th, 2014

64So yesterday I was in the midst of one of my favorite things to do – spiraling deeply into the Astrology-Numerology code for one of my clients.

The first of three readings was only 45 minutes away…

And then my housekeeper, Rosa, walked in and said, “Tania, Tania, there’s a lot of water on the kitchen floor!”

It took me a moment to switch gears. I had to recalibrate from a meditative, creative state to a – “there’s an urgent problem you have to attend to NOW” state of mind. I headed straight to the kitchen. The flooding was extensive and I soon realized I needed to cancel all my clients for the day in order to handle the emergency. (First time I’ve ever done that.)

Only later in the afternoon, when I put my astro-numerology hat back on, did I tune into the code.

  • It was September 16, a 16/7 Day.
  • September is a 16/7 Universal Month.

11 is an Invitation…

September 11th, 2014

two-trees-sally-traceAs I begin writing this, it is 11:11 pm the night before September 11.

That wasn’t planned!

Number 11 is literally a symbolic gateway into the unknown. 11 is an invitation to step through your fears and welcome the divine. 11 reminds us of the possibility of godliness within us.

God is not something we can prove.

Godliness is something we can aspire to.

The 11 gateway enables you to push the limits, to risk, to challenge and to explore the infinite possibilities within you.

Seeking the divine within you is the meaning of godliness.

Today the number 11 is activated, and that means you will feel movement. You are being asked to travel and to discover a whole new perspective.

777 Moon of Mysticism

September 7th, 2014

full-moon-237523A striking Pisces Full Moon lights up our skies on September 9 at 2:39 AM Universal Time (September 8 for North and South America).

This is a very potent SuperMoon.

9.9.2014 triggers a triple 7 in Numerology – where 2014 is a 7 Universal Year, September is a 16/7 Universal Month and the 9th of September a 25/7 Universal Date.

This 777 Code Activation brings MAJOR internal shifts.

777 is akin to a triple lightning strike of intuition and sudden awakening.

Amazingly, the Sun and Moon will be at 16/7 Degrees as well! What an unprecedented lineup!