“Blood Moon” Total Eclipse April Forecast!

March 30th, 2015

Welcome to your April Forecast – which kicks off right in the middle of an Eclipse cycle!

These eclipse cycles happen twice each year, and always come in pairs. This one has been particularly intense and filled with opportunities and profound awakening.

A Full Moon Eclipse exponentially expands the emotional Full Moon energy, making it much more intense.

In addition…

  • This Lunar Eclipse is the third of 4 consecutive “Blood Moon” Eclipses, part of a rare “Tetrad”, meaning “Four in a row”.

My Personal Epiphany

March 25th, 2015

brilliant-lightI experienced a deeply personal epiphany today.

In the process of learning that one the dearest people to me had crossed over, I discovered something quite beautiful. I learned the only option when feeling the pain of loss is to let go of my belief of separation.

Death is not the end. It is a profound transition. It is as natural as birth.

Another epiphany amazed me.

That, Love is a moment-to-moment decision.

I had a choice to open up – or close the door.

I reached out to beloved friends and family and was showered with with love and tenderness. How love heals!

So I am writing to you this evening on how the number 11, activated all month long, opens profound doors into healing dimensions.

In the final week of March 2015 we are experiencing the deepening of the profound “Master Number” 11/2. Everything was intensified even more by the incredible 11:11 Solar Eclipse on March 20.

11:11 Eclipse of Spontaneous Love

March 20th, 2015

New-Moon-in-Sagittarius-Our-New-Horizon-Every Eclipse has a major impact on your life that lasts at least Twelve Months. So deciphering each Eclipse Code helps us to understand where to place our attention for the greatest growth and abundance.

The March 20 11:11 ECLIPSE happened in an 11 Universal Month!

The AFTER-Effect of this powerful 11:11 Total Eclipse will leave an indelible impression on your life:

  • 11 is your intuitive tuning fork, where you TUNE IN to the love of the universe…
  • 11 is where you STEP THROUGH portal into NEW and surprising opportunities.

Total Eclipse Opens 11:11 Portal

March 14th, 2015

This is the BIG moment of 2015! From now through March 21 a spectacular Astro-Numerology Code of Awakening and Abundance is generating an intensity and power of great significance for you – and the world.

Several powerful codes are lit up at the SAME time!

First on March 16, Pluto and Uranus meet for the FINAL of seven times in a tense square. In the last few years Uranus and Pluto have changed you from the inside out.

Four days later, on March 20th, the 11:11 Portal opens with an Eclipse of Total Rebirth.

Your Name = Abundance

March 10th, 2015

taniagabrielle-b948038c-8889-495b-883a-0e0af8a4433b-v2Names have amazing powers.

A name is a frequency that not only generates a sound and is written in a particular way, but also reveals a secret message about your life.

I’m talking about your current name.

There’s a huge difference between your birth name – and the name you choose to use every day. Birth names unveil your career mission – your Destiny. Your current name describes how easy (or how difficult) it is to FULFILL your destiny.

This “every day name” has all the power…

It reveals the quality of your life…

It’s an INSTANT INDICATOR of how easy – or not – it is for you to fulfill your birth promise and manifest success and abundance.

The name you choose to use is your personal success tool.

Magnificent Full Moon Message for TODAY

March 5th, 2015

full-moon-pic2What a glorious Full Moon is spreading its light today!

It is extremely rare for ALL planets to be activated astrologically by a lunation degree – and TODAY the Sun and Moon are triggering a grand symphony in space!

This means that the sum of you, all your gifts, all your many facets are being awakened.

You are being shown your eternal connection to God Source Energy.

Your soul ORIGINATED from this Pure Energy Source.

Just like all the planets are being joined in concert with the Sun and Moon today, YOU are being connected to everyone and everything energetically.

FULL Moon & 11 Universal Month MARCH Forecast

March 2nd, 2015

Welcome to the most magnificent month of March, 2015!

A stunning series of Astro-Numerology events lines up week after week during this powerful 11 Universal Month of Double New Beginnings.

This 11 gateway is an irresistible invitation to find your own truth, to RELEASE knowledge borrowed by others, to END division and indecision, and to LISTEN to your intuition.

Here are just some highlights:

Mystery Revealed: Two-Syllable Names…

February 27th, 2015

syllablesThe other evening my daughter Clara and I were discussing names. She loves giving the characters in her stories fun, interesting names based on personality traits.

So she asked me, “Mom, what does it mean when a name has four syllables?”

As she gave me her examples – Anastasia (one of her favorites), Elizabeth, Arianna, Gabriela, Emanuel, Alexander and Isabella – I pondered her question.

“Names with four syllables have a strong tendency to want to categorize and define their experiences. They do better having a plan of action, like a map and strategy in place for their projects and aspirations. Feeling secure and grounded is a key ingredient for their peace of mind.”

I explained to Clara that four-syllable names are more rare than two-syllable names, like hers, which rank the highest in terms of frequency.

That piqued her interest!

Secret Power of Your Name

February 24th, 2015

spyn-blog-sidebarDid you know your current name resonates to one specific number?

A number that has such a BIG impact on you, it’s the first thing I check with any new client or colleague?

Most of my clients have challenging names and struggle under the weight of the negative energy day after day, and they don’t know why!

Far fewer people benefit from a fortunate name – a name that sets them free to live their destiny!

A Fortunate Name enables you to…

  •  Expand your Influence and Confidence.
  •  Get that extra “Edge”!
  • Attract Love and Abundance.
  • Extend your reach with ease and joy.
  • Align with your soul-family.
  • Awaken your true Purpose!

And, since you can CHOOSE your current name, you also have the power to CHANGE it if it’s not a fortunate spelling!

The Magic of Robin Williams’ Name

February 20th, 2015

taniagabrielle-dd2724e2-322f-4c16-8a7a-1ca5ff1e926b-v2Robin Williams was one of my favorite ‘famous’ people.

His kindness will touch my heart forever

His genius was to make us laugh and explore the limitless of life, to embrace total freedom of self expression.

What I loved about Robin Williams is that he made humor healing.

And his current name defined who he was at soul level…

“Robin Williams” adds up to 30. (There are lots of rules to this, so trust me when I share his number with you.)