Leo NEW Moon: Innovate & Implement!

July 18th, 2017

On July 23 a courageous, generous, fiery and fun New Moon in LEO blesses us with major opportunities for advancement.

This is a BIG one – it begins three Leo (and Aquarius) lunations, two of which are eclipses!

Leo rules the HEART in our physical body, a call-to-action to be open-hearted. How do you use creative energy in your life and when you engage with others?

At exactly 00° in Leo, the zero-point beginning of the sign, and with the Sun and Moon next to Mars, ruler of Aries, the FIRST sign of the zodiac, there is a lot of forward momentum and NEW beginnings energy – which the New Moon naturally invokes anyways!

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Open the 17:17:17 Portal!

July 17th, 2017

A rare 17:17:17 Portal activates today – something that will not repeat again in 100 years!

July is a 17Universal Month this year.

Today is July 17.

We are in 2017.

17 is the Immortality number, infused with abundance, strength and lasting staying power.

The triple 17:17:17 portal is awakening you to your soul’s eternal life, your infinite strength – filling your heart with courage.

You can handle anything right now.

Any new opportunities coming your way are to be looked at very, very closely – they will affect your life for a long time, IF you step up and act.

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Jupiter Blessings

July 12th, 2017

Since Jupiter started moving forward again one month ago, your quest for abundance and expansion has shifted.

There is exuberance about your future – and you’re about to reach new levels of positive momentum!

  • On Thursday, Jupiter takes part in an exquisite “Finger of God” formation
  • On Friday Jupiter sextiles Mercury, a positive feel-good connection

The Finger of God happens July 13 and is created by Jupiter and Mercury at the base pointing to an exquisite Moon/Neptune conjunction

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Capricorn FULL Moon: Manifest with Power and Passion!

July 3rd, 2017

An intensely passionate Full Moon in Capricorn on July 9 (July 8 in parts of the Americas) empowers you with courage and a deep urge to manifest and rebirth…

The Moon is in a tight conjunction (joined with) with PLUTO and that triggers a deep emotional purging – a transformation resulting in a culmination of a long journey. Something has to end in order to rebirth in a fresh, new way.

You are experiencing a powerful soul renewal.

And, at the same time the Sun is conjunct MARS, so your initiative and urge to manifest are fired up!

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Cancer New Moon Tip: How to manage Memories

June 23rd, 2017

My daughter Clara is a Cancer. (Her 15th birthday is next week!)

Living with a Cancer who is also a musician, artist and writer has opened me up to the sensitivities of this sweet, emotional water sign. Clara loves to feel, needs to emote, and relates to all of life from the heart.

She ALSO has two of her three important birth numbers in the emotional 3-6-9 triad of creativity and self expression. Need I say more!

One thing Clara loves to do is to recall memories – a very Cancerian tendency. Later this evening or Saturday morning, the Cancer New Moon will prompt you to want to remember…

But memories can be a two-edged sword.

Remembering the past, when the experience being recalled was painful or caused suffering, will trigger the emotional impact all over again.

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NEW Moon in Cancer: Love & Prosper!

June 19th, 2017

Early on Saturday, June 24 we will be blessed by a very passionate NEW Moon in Cancer!

At 2° in loving Cancer this new moon heightens your intuition and enhances abundance opportunities. It is exact on June 24 at 3:31 am UT in London (Friday, June 23 at 10:31 pm in New York and 7:31 pm PDT Los Angeles).

Cancer is the nurturer, ruled by the Moon itself, so you'll be FEELING a lot more around this time.

·      The New Moon at symbolizes two people in a loving relationship.

·      June 24 reduces to 6 – the number of abundance and love.

Love is in the Air!

In fact, Mars is really fired up during this New Moon…

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Powerful 16:16 Portal opens on Friday!

June 15th, 2017

Friday June 16 activates an amazing astro-numerology code. You'll want to take advantage of it over the weekend – it has the potential of reaping huge dividends for you!

First off, June is a 16 Universal Month, so on the June 16th a 16:16 portal is created.

16 is a number of royalty and spiritual leadership with a strong call to listen to your divine “inner voice”. Lead from the heart and you shall rule your life with joy.

And on the very SAME day, beautiful Neptune stations retrograde! (Anytime a planet changes direction it seems to stand still in the heavens – and has the strongest influence on us.)

In this case it is Neptune, symbol of spiritual service, the most mysterious, multi-dimensional space… representing deep oceans of unconditional love.

Neptune’s current standstill pulls OPEN the veil.

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An abundance message from Jupiter to you

June 13th, 2017

Over the weekend Clara and I were watching some of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition Finals live online.

I love how technology brings us closer and closer together…

Many magnificent performances from young professional pianists… and it made my heart sing to hear great inspiring music alive in our younger generation from all parts of the globe.

Though, I have to admit, I’m not a fan of judging artists – there is room for many interpretations as long as the artist is present and channeling with love.

Jupiter stationed DIRECT late on Friday (right after a Sagittarius Full Moon), just hours before the competition finale.

Fittingly, there were Jupiterian surprises!

Now that Jupiter has slowly started moving forward again, your quest for  manifesting expansive abundance is taking off in a big way.

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Sagittarius FULL Moon – Welcome Abundance & Joy!

June 4th, 2017

Early on Friday, June 9, 2017 at 2:09 pm UT (London), 9:09 am EST (New York), 6:09 am PDT we will be blessed by a beautiful Full Moon in Sagittarius!

Full Moons are a culmination, completion as the light of the Moon shines on results and everything is SEEN. An extraordinarily synchronistic event coincides SAME day, as Jupiter stations direct – a beautiful message from the heavens.

Any time a planet changes direction, it has the greatest influence on us, it's exerting its greatest energy!

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The June Advantage…

June 1st, 2017

Welcome June! In 2017 June carries a built-in advantage.

The 6th month in a 10/1 Universal Year resonates to the number 16.

So Numbers 1 and 6 are fused as one – in June's Universal Month vibration of 16!

It’s an unusual magnification! And here's what it means:

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