Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 9.05.55 AMSome numbers carry a special universal meaning.

Invoking or even just seeing such a number activates a deep, subconscious urge for unity.

108 is one of those numbers.

108 represents the sacred numerological relationship of Earth to the Sun and Moon.

Look at these facts:

1. Earth’s diameter at the equator is 7926 miles.

The diameter of the Sun is about 108 times that — 865,000. 

2. The average or midpoint distance between Earth and Sun is 93,020,000 miles.

That is 108 times the sun’s diameter.

3. The Moon’s diameter is 2,180 miles. The average distance from Earth to Moon is 238,800 miles.

Again, this about 108 times the Moon’s diameter!

Sun and Moon are the two light bodies that govern life on Earth. The Moon governs women’s monthly cycles, the tides of the ocean and symbolizes our moods. In astrology, the Moon represents the Mother.

Sun brings warmth, light and life and symbolizes your inner light. You celebrate your inner cycle every year when the Sun returns to it’s original position on your birthday.

The relationship between Sun, Moon and Earth is the fabric of our human experience.

When one number, in this case number 108, keeps popping up in the equation – it signals a divine message hidden in the geometric relationship.

In other words, pay attention to numbers in YOUR life that keep popping up. The numerological meaning of that number carries a profound message for you.

Let’s look at 108 more closely.

It is comprised of numbers 1, 0 and 8.

1 is male and represents you as a sovereign being.

0 is female and simultaneously represents the circle of life, nothing and emptiness.

8 is infinity and eternity.

Thus the sacred code of the universe, as represented in the sacred geometric relationship between Sun, Moon and Earth, means one thing, no-thing and infinity.

This is a very Eastern approach to life, and so it’s no surprise that 108 figures prominently in Karate, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Tibetan Buddhist malas or rosaries are usually 108 beads.

Many Eastern theologies believe there are 108 feelings – 36 about your past, 36 in the present, and 36 concerning your future

Of course, emotions that dwell on the past or the future take you away from the present moment.

Number 108 carries a profound message. It reminds us that we are at once something, nothing and everything – 1  0  8.

It reminds us that we can choose to experience life in an awakened state – or sleep state.

Most importantly number 108, when meditated upon, provides you with the most powerful tool at your disposal:

To be emotionally present at every moment in time.

When you share anything, share with your HEART.

When you speak any words, speak from authentic FEELINGS.

After all 108 reduces to the number 9.

9 symbolizes Unconditional Love.

Love your life, love your experiences – love yourself.

Before you re-act to any situation, take a deep breath. Breath is your soul’s direct connection to the Divine.

This balance is only achieved by knowing your shadow side.

You must be aware of the shadow qualities embedded in your personal birth code.

If you ignore your shadow, you cannot step into the light.

Balance is achieved by seeing it ALL – not just what you want to see.

The secrets in your birth formula provide a precise description of your shadow side AND the actual roadmap and remedies for you to break through your shadow, through your resistance into an abundant life.

This code and the powerful remedies are described in your Abundance Blueprint.

The “Abundance Blueprint” is specifically designed for you to break free from old emotional patterns so you can confidently step into your Destiny.

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Dedicated to Your Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Lucia August 10, 2016 at 9:20 pm - Reply

    I see 108 all the time. On invoices, address, my computer-

    Thank you

  2. Jennifer Biddle December 25, 2017 at 6:39 pm - Reply

    I see the number 108 all the time. And cool thing is my birthdate is 10-8. I’m a Libra baby 🙂

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