Jamie Dimon.pngYesterday evening I checked the news after a busy day and noticed an interesting list: the top 10 highest paid bank CEOs.

Perfect time to see the influence current names on a particular profession.

As I calculated the 10 bank CEOs names, I came across a pattern. 9 out of 10 names added up to a wealth frequency. And the name that didn't was still fortunate… a 14/5 which symbolizes the Media Number.

Here is the breakdown:

Three of the top CEOs had a current name that reduces to 6.

Five CEOs had an 8 current name number.

One had a 9 name.

One had a 14/5 name.

A CEO of a bank is responsible for obtaining the maximum amount of profits by
setting financial goals for the bank and ensuring they are implemented.

In other words, their whole life is about money.

Numerology shows us that, when it comes to a daily intense focus on working with, securing and making money, 90 percent of the top 10 bank CEOs have a current name that resonates to that very topic.

Their current name numbers support their goals in a specific way.

Does this mean that other fortunate current name numbers won't attract wealth?


Any fortunate current name will allow you to speed towards your goals much more quickly and effortlessly.

When it comes to creating wealth, you must feel happy, at peace and prosperous about your life and work first. Joined together, a wealthy mindset AND a fortunate current name are two of the most powerful tools you have.

What is being shown with these top 10 bank CEOs is that some current name numbers lend themselves to attract in certain opportunities.

In this case, if you want to focus on and work with money on a day-to-day basis, you will be able to leverage this particular goal to a greater degree with a particular fortunate current name number.

This is not the case with other careers.

For example, if you are a life coach or entrepreneur, you will be supported and elevated by any fortunate name number.

As it happens, many bank executives have a specific bent towards names that resonate to their number one topic… securing, protecting and creating money.

This is an observation I wanted to share, because it shows the interrelationship of numbers on our lives.

Numerology is a world of symbols and signs. Whether it is learning about your name or discovering the forecast for your future – you have a set of frequencies that are influencing you at all times.

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