June 22 in 2012 is a powerful day in numerology. Today’s numbers will bring challenges/opportunities that either frustrate you OR pivot you.

So you have a choice, an inherent theme for all of 2012.

The key is in understanding how to break through the tension and embrace opportunity. Today you can pivot from confusion to action and achieve supreme accomplishment.

Here are the numbers for today:


2012 is a 5 Universal Year.
June is an 11 Universal Month.
Today is a 22 Day.

5 is about Choice, Decisions, Change and Risk – the Pivot Point.

11 is a Master Number of Breakthroughs and Intuition – walk through the two 1s, which are pillars of Truth, and turn division into wholeness, incompletion into completion.

22 is about Implementation and Manifestation from a place of Peace.

And here is the icing on the cake. All the numbers in today’s date, 6.22.2012, add up to a 15 Universal Date.

15 is the number of Spiritual Alchemy.

So take the energy of today and mold it, alchemize it into your most wonderful reality.

Break through your self-imposed limitations. All limitations reside within you. This means YOU have the power to transcend them. Today you can do this in an INSTANT.

Take today’s powerful numbers’ code and GO FOR IT!

Many Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Your current name is either helping you break through negative patterns OR keeping you in a state of confusion. Be sure your current name resonates to a FORTUNATE number – especially in 2012!

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