s3November 11 in 2014 is a very special day.

It forms a powerful 11-11-11 Wealth Portal.

First, during the final minutes of November 10, an amazing Astro-Numerology abundance symbol activated in the heavens.

Divine providence must have aligned these two events for us so we could receive the bounty that 11.11 brings this year!

At the very midpoint of this astrology symbol lie Pluto and Mars. They are conjunct (merged together) at 11 degrees in Capricorn and form what is called a “Kite”. Pluto governs empowerment through transformationand Mars triggers an energetic activation of your inner fire.

When they join as one at 11 degrees shortly after 11 pm Universal Time in the minutes before November 11 a powerful signal is being sent.

When a kite is formed in the heavens, it signifies tension and release, focus and freedom!

Both stability and flexibility are at your disposal right now, and this combination fuels a tremendous energy surge. With Pluto and Mars holding the “handle” of this kite, use focused intention to direct the energy towards a successful realization of your goals.

Moments after the kite becomes exact, the 11-11-11 Wealth Portal moves into triple overdrive on 11.11.

This year November 11 is an 11 Universal Date in numerology:

11.11.2014 = 1+1 + 1+1 + 2+0+1+4 = 11

So we have:

  • an 11 Day,
  • in the 11th month
  • adding up to an 11 Universal Date

This splendid triple 11:11:11 portal opens significant gateways into new realities.

How can you use this powerful portal to manifest wealth?

Clear your mind. Open your heart. Then set the following three intentions:

  1. I am receptive to and OPTIMISTIC about any surprises and I see opportunity everywhere.
  1. I confidently step through the triple 11 portal by TRUSTING that all that occurs in my life is always for the highest good for myself and others.
  1. I welcome my inner Divine resources and by doing so I open myself up to consciously manifest magnificence, abundance and joy.

There is no doubt that the 11:11:11 Wealth Portal will shift you.

In numerology the number 11 is referred to as a “Master Number”. Anytime you double up a digit, it intensifies the energy. Two 1’s form side-by-side pillars that symbolize what the ancients called an initiation – a gateway into the unknown.

Step confidently and fearlessly through the 11 gateway, and “see the light”. That’s when you experience the “unknowable”.

flower-420x0 copyMagic happens. Because…

You stop doing things that only postpone fulfillment.

If, for example, you have a job that feels unfulfilling to you on a core soul level, you avoid acting on your intuitive hits because your deep fear of change has outweighed your natural desire for joy!

So you do things that POSTPONE true lasting joy.

A person who is wealth conscious wouldn’t ever consider postponing their happiness and well-being.

What is one definition of a fortunate person?

Fortunate people see a blessing in every fear. They notice that fear is their ALLY. They understand this important secret:

Tucked away inside every fear is a gift.

What you fear most is precisely what your soul is craving for most… it is a BIG CLUE about what you must walk towards to experience bliss.

Fear points you to the task that sets you FREE.

When you walk through the 11 gateway, you are set free. You are no longer held hostage to opinions about you, expectations placed onto you, and misaligned goals.

That is the TRUE measure of freedom.

You enter into a FUN and profoundly creative relationship with yourself and the universe. You feel and do everything from a perspective of abundance, joy and love.

This 11:11:11 Wealth Portal is a magnificent gateway into prosperity consciousness.

And YOU are invited to the party!

Want to consciously create the highest, most abundant expression of your Birth Code? Your “Abundance Blueprint” describes precisely how to be completely congruent with your birth promise, how to address your blocks and in doing so, how to use your birth code to manifest wealth.

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Think BIG, Feel BIG and, by all means, PLAY BIG.

BE bigger than life. Step through that 11 portal whenever you can.

Once you do, you’ll discover true abundance is everywhere – in everything!

Now the fun begins…

Blessings and Abundance,


P.S. The Abundance Blueprint includes your “Personal Shift Number” – describing important wealth-creation qualities specific to YOUR code that you’ll apply to monetize your soul’s gifts.



  1. carla November 18, 2014 at 5:29 am - Reply

    Hi Tania

    This Saturday is day 22 master number, and also a new moon, which awaits us this day? that I can do to get the maximum potential this day ??

    Thank you ¡¡¡

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