jupiterToday, Jupiter goes retrograde. What an amazing month of growth this is!

When Jupiter stations and begins to move backwards from our vantage point on Earth, you are welcoming a major inner expansion of opportunities.

It means your internal wisdom, your internal growth is completely shifting over the next few months.

This Jupiter retrograde is birthed on a day with an incredible numerology code.

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Jupiter retrograde means you are taking your growth inward – for the most spectacular potential results!

With the moment happening on January 7, 2016 an amazingly powerful 7-8-9-10 code of forward momentum and manifestation is triggered:


January 7 is a 7 Day.

1.7.2016 adds up to a 17/8 Universal Date.

2016 is a 9 Universal Year.

January is a 10/1 Universal Month.







This powerful 7-8-9-10 code will propel your life forwards in many new extraordinary directions.

You’ll find now that Jupiter is prompting you to take your attention into a place of inner integrity, inner wisdom and finding happiness within.

To add to the excitement of the code, Jupiter stations direct at 23° Virgo today.

That is the Royal Star of the Lion number – strongest number activating in the sign of healing and paying meticulous attention to your life. Your inner STRENGTH is completely at your disposal now as you take your growth inwards for the greatest results.

Remember, 2016 is the year your “Royal Code”.

As a royal being, your strength is always first born within. Inner growth allows you to become fully Conscious.

Many people live accidentally, unconsciously, without direction or self awareness.

But growth means you have to be VERY selective.

You have to know your values and you have a certain inner discipline.

Jupiter retrograde is birthing during Mercury Retrograde on a day that signifies deep inner inspiration and manifestation. This moment has arrived to clear the unnecessary, to make your life less chaotic, to expand your inner balance and feel more at peace.

  • Jupiter in Virgo, the sign ruled by Mercury, is opening your eyes to a brand new vision of your day-to-day life.
  • Mercury also just entered its retrograde cycle and today moved back into Capricorn – the sign of discipline.
  • The profound joint Mercury and Jupiter retrograde code means we are compelled to change our life as we’ve known it!

Commit to being deliberate, to doing everything, saying anything, going anywhere with certainty. Have a certain reason for your life.

Live consciously moment-to-moment.

Feeling serene, at peace, calm no matter what the circumstance, is the greatest sign that you are consciously choosing your life – that you are on the right track.

Leaving your life up to chance is not an option …

Today, commit to moving through your life consciously.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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