Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.02.53 PMMercury retrograde is coming to an end in a few days! 🙂 The exact date is Monday, January 25.

Until then introspection, reflection and release are still very much in place!

Keep checking into what’s working well – and what to release, especially what old patterns are holding you back. It will serve you well and free up to benefit what’s coming up for you!

What’s fabulous is that two powerful game-changers are creating dynamic, motivational internal shifts:

  1. The fabulous Leo Full Moon on January 23/24…
  1. And, the Jupiter/North Node conjunction in play right now!

Jupiter and the North Node have been joined together at 22°, 23° and 24° degrees in Virgo for the past three weeks.

But on January 22 everything changes.

BOTH Jupiter and North Node at 22° for the first time. This 22° conjunction birthed on January 22 will last through February 4.

(Literally just hours before, Mercury Retrograde meets Pluto at exactly 15° in Capricorn!)

Both of these storylines infuse us with a surge to emancipate – a powerful liberation from the past!

And it all goes into high gear right before that lucky Leo Full Moon on Saturday.

Jupiter (Fortune) and the North Node (Future) will have the longest impact on us and our plans for the future. At 22° the heavenly call is for peace derived by full attention on our inner and outer relationships.

In that peaceful state, prosperity is birthed time and time again.

When fortunate expansion and opportunity (Jupiter) merge with a vision of the future and making deeper connections in our relationships (North Node) in the realms of healing, health, and attention to details (Virgo) – and all hold a space in place of peace, balance and trust (22°) – the potential for big fortunate breakthroughs in our life is at an all time HIGH!

As the “Master Architect” Number, 22 invigorates you to build a new structure in your life: a project, relationship, business idea, and to do so step-by-step manner, so that it lasts.

  • 22 opens up the gateway to prosperity.
  • 22 allows you to structure your life from a place of peace. The balance brings supreme security.
  • 22 embodies all the qualities of the root number 4 as well (2+2 = 4), so 22 takes your downloads and manifests them into real tangible results.
  • 22 is the practical mystic!

With Jupiter and the North Node at 22° for the next two weeks, you are given the reigns of the Achiever. The Leader with a vision of a most joyful future!

Take this window of time as an invitation to rise, breathe the new fresh air and manifest passionately!

Everything is lined up for you right now.

All is pointing you into a direction that will affect you for several years to come…

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