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Today is the 1-year anniversary of
the Gulf Oil disaster.


driving home from my daughter's school I heard an interview on CNN by Philippe
Cousteau. He is the grandson of Jacques Cousteau – great explorer, ecologist, 
innovator, scientist, photographer, author and researcher, who studied the sea
and all forms of life in water.


Interestingly, ‘Jacques Cousteau' had a 10/1 ‘Instant
Manifestation' name. It is fitting then, that this wonderful pioneer manifested
a legacy that outlives him to this day – more than 120 television documentaries
and 50 books.


Most importantly he taught humanity how to respect all life
in the sea.


grandson, Philippe Cousteau, was down in Louisiana reporting for CNN on the
state of the fisheries this Spring. He said there is much uncertainty on the
Gulf, stating ‘this is as much a human disaster as it is an environmental


now it is spawning season, and according to Cousteau, there are no tiny little
oysters to be found – anywhere. There are not many fish eggs either.


explained that the oil spill 1 year ago came at the worst possible time, when
all the wildlife was spawning for the new season. Well, many of those eggs were
poisoned by toxic oil and Corexit.


It truly was a clear foreshadowing of what is in store for
ALL of us in 2011.


You just have to look at the numbers.


The number 11 was activated in a HUGE way for BP. It made
clear how important transparency and honesty are in order to walk through 11
gateway of Truth.


As a reminder, here is what BP's numerology reveals:


The Destiny Number, or birth name,
for this company is 110/2.


2010 was the 101st
anniversary for BP, which also reduces to 2.


The explosion occurred on April 20,
reducing to 2.


So we have an amazing
synchronicity between the birth name 101/2, the anniversary 110/2 and the onset
of the disaster on a 20/2 Universal Day.


There are even more connections
with the number 11 in relation to the BP Oil spill disaster.


11 people were killed when the blast occurred one year ago


The Gulf of Mexico is the 11th largest body of water in the


‘Deepwater Horizon' is an 11 current name.


When one number appears over and over again, the message is
crystal clear.


Pay attention to the meaning of the frequency.


11 is a number symbolizing two opposing energies which
need to be united. It can represent treachery from others. There is an illusion
of separation with this number.


11 represents two pillars – a gateway – through which you
must walk. In ancient times these two pillars represented going through an
initiation. This is why, for all of us in 2011 we are being given opportunities
to unite any inner division we may feel.


All this goes for BP as well – especially since the number
11 is triggered throughout this event.


As Philippe Cousteau reminds us – ‘when we destroy the
environment, we are ultimately destroying ourselves.'


To transcend the illusion of division, represented by the
two pillars of the 11, you must become One With All. You must be in
RELATIONSHIP to ALL. This is represented by the number 2, which 11 reduces to.


Interestingly, Cousteau also spoke about the ‘multiplier
effect' this morning.


He explained that, for all the dead birds found, there are 8
times more that have perished unseen by the human eye. For all the mammals,
such as dolphins, there are 50 times more that have actually perished.


The ‘multiplier effect' can be used in a real Positive way
as well. It is actually a powerful mechanism. So powerful, in fact, that I will be teaching you
how to use it at my Prosperity Power Seminar next week so you can multiply
abundance in your life.

  As for experiencing the 11 in a positive way, what I love to
remind myself of is – the more challenging your situation is, the greater the
opportunity you have to do good


The greatest success is created by people who tackle a
problem with joy, and transform it into an opportunity.


So celebrate the 2011 energy by manifesting joy in your life.


BE the change that you want to see. That is when you Know
that No thing, No one is separate from you.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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