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Two high profile relationship
stories are in the news.


That is no coincidence. We are in
an emotional Universal Month. May, 2011 resonates to 9.


9 allows you to release thoughts
and feelings that no longer serve you.


And this year your feelings will focus
on all sorts of relationships in your life. Romantic, social, work-related,
mentor-student and family relationships.


Never before have we had an
opportunity to blend the peace and cooperation of number 2 with the release
from division symbolized by number 11. Your key to happy relationships is
reflected in the numbers ‘2011'.


If you feel your heart is hurt,
know that it will open again. It always does. Remember to love unconditionally
first, and love will always return to you.


Your opportunity to love and
experience love is endless.


It doesn't matter if a person you
love does not love you back. You cannot control anyone else's response to your
thoughts, feelings and deeds. ALL that matters is that you stay focused, honest,
empowered and loving in all your relationships.


Then be amazed at how love and joy
and peace fill your life.


Release the worry you feel about
others reciprocating your feelings. Release your fear of being alone.


If others attack you, know that all
attacks are only a cry for help. Nothing else.


What you give to the world is what
you receive in return.


So think clearly about what you
want. All creation begins with your thoughts. Thoughts are the seeds of creation.
Watch your thoughts closely.


Then put your creative, positive
thoughts into words.


Words are incredible
manifestations of thoughts. Write your thoughts on paper. Speak them out loud.


The 3rd process of creation is
action. Action is your words made manifest.


In 2011 the speed with which you
manifest your thoughts and words is truly remarkable. This is because 2011
reduces to 4 – a powerful Manifestation number.


humanity transitioned from the 1900's to the 2000's, a big shift in
consciousness began.


shifted from focusing on ourselves to understanding our connection to the world
around us. To embracing the inter-connection of everything.


life is about everyone else whose life you touch. Be whole, integral and honest
about who you are. By centering into the balanced energy reflected in the
number 2011, which is anchored by a 2 at each end, you will realize how you
treat others is how you treat yourself.


However, if you experience the
number 2 as insecurity and confusion, and the 11 as duality and separation, you
will feel split in two and incomplete.


Make amends with everything that
is in conflict with who you want to be. Make peace with your ‘perceived'
enemies. Every person, every thing, every situation and event in your life is a
reflection of you.


11 always brings us choices. What
you choose, you EXPERIENCE.


Think, speak and act only from your
highest truth, your greatest integrity. The word “integrity” means ‘intact,
whole' – inseparable from source.


Begin now, on May 19 – a 19/10/1 Universal
Day of new beginnings.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Your amazing opportunity to
heal this year was covered extensively in my Prosperity Power Seminar last
month. A DVD package of this event will be announced shortly.

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