Have you been feeling confronted to look at deep, profound issues in your life? I sure have!

During this Mercury and Mars Retrograde cycle we’re all being asked to do some big-time inner self-reflection.

I am finding no one is exempt from looking at how they might be limiting themselves. The Astro-Numerology events in March at the time of the Spring Equinox (Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere) have truly rattled many nerves!

Every time a planet touches Uranus or Pluto right now, the 90 degree square between these two dynamic planetary bodies (which will become exact for the first of seven times in June) is being triggered.

Uranus, the planet being activated in a major way for the past few weeks, wants you to clear out the weeds in your garden.

Sudden insights, sudden ‘Aha!’ moments into how you are limiting yourself – how you may be sabotaging yourself – must be addressed now, released and let go. In the process of doing so, you will make ROOM for the incredible Love and Light that is sweeping through the ethers, carried on the frequency of 2012.

Being authentic isn’t always easy, because authenticity requires constant inner self-reflection.

Throughout 2012 the quality of our relationships is reflecting whether we are coming from a state of fear or a state of openness and truth.

In any relationship the other person is a mirror reflecting you back at you. This is why our relationships are the fastest way towards growth and self-understanding.

You cannot grow in a void.

2-01-2 is the year of balancing the Truth within you through your relationships.

The year begins and ends with a 2, the number of cooperation, communication and peace.

Within the two 2’s lies the code that makes up the universe: 01 – female/male, yin/yang, alpha/omega, all/nothing, action/rest, in and out breath. 01, the computer code, symbolizes the balance of Life.

When you express your authentic feelings, your beauty, your truth at any moment authentically, your inner and outer relationships thrive.

At the same time, many people are finding, that being authentic also means some relationships must end or be adjusted – at least for now.

If you are in a relationship with a friend, relative, co-worker, mentor/student, or company that is ending right now, it is precisely because every one of us is being asked to be BRAVE (Aries) and step up to the plate of total authenticity.

Those who can’t do so are not able to relate to those who are.

A relationship can only thrive in a state of Joy that comes from seeing and supporting in the other person the joy that expresses THEIR inner beauty. IF the other person is not READY to feel their true joyful nature, you won’t be able to communicate with them in the way you need to.

In other words, you must NEVER compromise when it comes to being authentic.

If your authenticity is being rejected by another due to his or her insecurity issues, that person has made a choice. That person has chosen his or her Self-Image as a defense mechanism. They are communicating with you ego to ego – instead engaging in a Soul-to-Soul energy exchange.

Always keep in mind that things can change in an instant.

In some instances the other person is so set in his ways that you know you must move on and send love and light his way. In other instances the person just needs some time to digest your authenticity so he can adjust, recalibrate and feel the FREEDOM that comes from being REAL.

With Mars, the planet of confidence, fire and boldness, involved right now, action must be taken. Mars brought the Earth Grand Trine earlier this month into action, and Mars rules Aries. Mars is in retrograde right now asking us in a profound way to look within for what Action to take.

Let go of your false beliefs by moving out of your head and into your heart.

Upgrade your true values in all your relationships.

Confront your shadows.

Allow people to show you who they are. Examine things closely. There is a lot of fantasy around. Illusions are being shattered the hard way if you are running away from them.

It is your choice to either make this a remarkable time of empowerment and re-discovery – or a time of pain.

If you are feeling mood swings, exhaustion, anxiety and fatigue – don’t worry! You are adjusting to the new energies sweeping through all of us in 2012. You are literally being recalibrated right now. You are being ‘stepped up’ for the 2012 shift happening WITHIN YOU.

There is always an adjustment period when you undergo rapid transformation.

You are adjusting physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually because you are undergoing a major Initiation. Higher frequencies are immersing our planet. It is a powerful moment, and one I am so grateful to be experiencing and sharing with you!

As I mentioned, one other major planet of influence during this epochal moment is Pluto.

Pluto is about Power. Pluto is showing you how you own your power – and how you give it away.

Own your Power.

March, 2012 is an 8 Universal Month. 8 is about empowerment. 8 gives you the strength to overcome challenges and thrive as a result. 8 is the Infinity symbol of eternal strength, eternal life.

Think of this time as a Spiritual Olympics for your Soul.

Know that by mid April, both Mars and Mercury will be direct again. By mid April you will feel a surge of forward-moving energy and your goals will implement rapidly.

You are being liberated from fear.

You are being set free.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, accept it. It is exactly where you need to be.

It will pass. Soon.

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Every experience in your life is an opportunity to gain more insight, clarity, power and vision.

Every experience is an opportunity to love.

Blessings and Love,


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