A few weeks ago I was shopping at the local farmer’s market with my daughter and was asked if I wanted to appear on NBC’s Today Show about a story on organic foods.

A study had just been released claiming that organic produce doesn’t have more minerals and vitamins than non-organic.

So the questions were all geared towards, ‘why would you still eat organic fruits and veggies, if it’s now being shown they don’t give you more benefits?’

Never shy of a challenge when it comes to exposing truth – I was game!

For MOST of the interview, which lasted about 15 minutes, I explained how the toxic pesticides and chemicals in conventional foods are reason enough not to eat them – and how I did not want to eat genetically modified food either or give it to my daughter.

She chimed in as well, passionate about what she has learned at home and in school.

We had fun and continued shopping.

When the story aired on the Today Show, all that was shown of my interview was a 2-second clip about how I feel organically grown food from local farmers lasts longer in the fridge than conventional food.

Well, I was happy there was at least a story in big media highlighting organic foods…

As a result of the incredible astro-numerology changes – including the Pluto square Uranus alignment prompting us to seek Freedom from everyone and everything disempowering us – we have a wonderful opportunity to WAKE UP right now.

All of 2012 is about freedom. And today’s date of September 21, 2012 celebrates empowerment through freedom and truth.

What happens when what we thought was freedom is actually playing roulette? When new information shifts our beliefs? When we have to make NEW decisions in order to continue to be free?

All perceptions of reality as we've known it are shifting NOW.

Great online films and videos are being made to facilitate this grand awakening about freedom.

Today I received an email about such a film from an holistic dentist:

“Hi Tania,

“I sincerely appreciate your newsletter. The topics and insights are helping me, my family and patients so much every day as we try to have a healthier lifestyle in this modern, altercated environment.

“Here is the link to a powerful documentary film – “Genetic Roulette” – about the toxicity, widespread contamination, health risks, and politics of GMO's. As I understood it, this link will only be available for a short time until the film is released for sale, but the encouragement was to get this message out for a wide audience to see.

Phil D.

Thank you for sending this, Phil! Films like this are part of the paradigm shift sweeping the world right now.

They are helping us to become more CONSCIOUS.

We all need to clear the toxins and get conscious, literally and figuratively!

Getting conscious means – being a lover of truth. And the truth about our food supply is as important as the truth about your name.

BOTH affect your life in mysterious and untold ways!

Be sure your current name is fortunate and SUPPORTING you – especially during the big shift. Invest in your Is My Name Fortunate? report today.

Many Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Your Is My Name Fortunate? Report comes FREE with your Personal Numerology Blueprint!

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