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Prepare for the Biggest Shift in Your Lifetime…

Discover How the 2012 Code Ushers in A
New Way of Life & Allows You to
Authentically Manifest Your Purpose… FAST!

The "2012: Your Spiritual Pivot Point" LIVE Event
November 11-12, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA

The LIVE call with Tania Gabrielle and special guest
Baeth Davis is over, but listen to the recording above!

You have a purpose, you have a mission, and you KNOW you are here for something IMPORTANT. I want to help you make the biggest shift in your life.

That is why I am inviting you to attend the "2012: Your Spiritual Pivot Point" Live Event held on November 11-12, 2011, in "Sunny" Los Angeles, California.

  • "Discover how to use The 2012 Code to stay 100% AUTHENTIC with your Purpose while you experience a HUGE shift in 2012!

  • Learn the 3 keys to unlock the Sacred Numerology Code hidden in the date 12.21.2012!

  • Connect with other "big-hearted" visionaries – just like you - who genuinely want to make a difference in the world while creating an inner shift towards peace, power and prosperity.

From: Tania Gabrielle

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

I know you are PASSIONATE about helping others and the work you do...

I know you are on a MISSION to reach many people with your unique message...

You have worked hard and long... and you can just FEEL that you are on the edge of something extraordinary. This feeling literally permeates every fiber of your being.

But you are concerned that your Purpose will never manifest
the way you envision it.

You KNOW things should be working out differently for you... and you KNOW you need to apply new ideas in order to create your big breakthrough...But you’re completely overwhelmed with all the work, the unexpected challenges, the accelerated energy.

I understand – and I’m here to tell you, you are not alone.

I know WHY you are feeling overwhelmed by everything right now… and WHY you are feeling confused about which steps to take. I know because the Astro-Numerology is intensifying like never before. The numbers, constellations, and equations CLEARLY point out that we are about to undergo a SHIFT of tremendous consequence … and opportunity.

All you want is to share your gifts, your knowledge and your experiences with other people (and show how wonderful you are)!

And that is why I am inviting you to my "2012: Your Spiritual Pivot Point Live Event"... because I think it's time for you to discover how to BREAK THROUGH to a higher level than ever before.

I believe that in order to shift to the next level quickly…
you have to implement the 2012 Code

1. The faster you embrace the 2012 Code = the more people you can reach.

2. The more people you reach = the stronger your positive impact becomes.

3. The stronger your positive impact becomes = the more YOU, and the world, prosper and thrive.

This is a simple, 3-part formula. 3 is the number of Creative Perfection… and 3 is one of three numbers that figure prominently in 2012.

I don't believe you need to struggle for years and years before you break through – especially now when you are supported by the powerful currents of a global shift.

And I definitely don't believe you need to wait any longer in order to thrive and prosper using the gifts you were born with… your Life Purpose and Destiny as revealed in your personal Astro-Numerology codes.

At 2012: Your Spiritual Pivot Point I Will Teach You How To Capitalize on your Life Purpose during the upcoming BIG Shift – With Simple (and Incredibly Powerful) Foreknowledge and SECRET Information.

"2012: Your Spiritual Pivot Point" will showcase the critical DATES and INTENSITY CYCLES revealed throughout 2012. At this event you will receive the Keys to unlock the 2012 Code.

While most will experience uncertainty and chaos in 2012, you will THRIVE for all the right reasons.

There is nothing "woo-woo" about these revelations – they are written in the numbers’ code that has been prophesized by many ancient sources for millennia.

It is the INTERPRETATION of the code that is critical in determining how you will EXPERIENCE 2012 – as a tumultuous year of craziness OR a transcendent cycle of incredible change. Specifically, the understanding that 2012 is a Big Shift for you PERSONALLY. You will be called to Awaken your Purpose in a way that is incomprehensible – until you understand the
extraordinary messages embedded in the
2012 Code.

You can use this code and the secrets it reveals to generate the breakthrough, the SHIFT, in your own life…

WITHOUT causing you to stall and freeze up when world events transpire in 2012.
WITHOUT getting worried and sabotaging your future success.
WITHOUT loosing sight of your core values and spiritual path.

At "2012: Your Spiritual Pivot Point" you will learn how to implement the secret 2012 Code in a way that is completely authentic to YOUR message and YOUR voice.

2012: A Spiritual Pivot Point Is Not Just a Live Event, It's An Experience That Will Change Your Life!

"2012: Your Spiritual Pivot Point" is not your typical Live event.

"2012: Your Spiritual Pivot Point" will CHANGE everything for you. It will be a turning point in your life that you will remember forever.

Because it will happen exactly 7 weeks before the beginning of the most extraordinary period of time in our lifetime.

The on-set of 2012.

During this 2-day live event, you will elevate to that next level. You will get that one, big PUSH you need to break through – literally birthing the REAL YOU in time for the REALLY BIG SHIFT on Earth.

This Event Will Be the Most Fulfilling EXPERIENCE You've Had All Year

You will feel a new rush of excitement and energy about your life’s work and your mission and be totally PREPARED for 2012!

• You will put yourself on the cutting edge of spiritual growth, adventure and manifestation.

You will understand how 2012 brings a huge opportunity to seamlessly merge service, passion and purpose... and create prosperity in a deeply authentic way.

• Your confidence and ability to ask for what you’re worth will dramatically expand.

You will learn EXACTLY how to achieve balance and well-beingduring a year of CHANGE and unexpected events.

“Tania…was able to help me navigate through some huge transitions.”

"I've received many types of readings over the years, but this one was different. Tania blew me away. She immediately helped identify a pattern in my life that could not previously be explained and was able to help me navigate through some huge transitions that have been presenting themselves. Her groundbreaking approach of combining astrology with numerology makes perfect sense and adds a deeper richness to her work with clients. You MUST get a reading with Tania!"

Ali Brown
Entrepreneur mentor to women

“You have a remarkable talent at assisting people to reach great heights by making simple adjustments.”

“I have developed a clearer direction in life and have noticed immediate positive changes taking place both financially and most importantly in my primary relationship. Your analysis of some the struggles I had been facing in life were 100% on the mark. You have a remarkable talent at assisting people to reach great heights by making simple adjustments. I recommend your services to anyone serious about making powerful lasting changes. Tania thank you once again, you are a diamond!” 

Dominic Knight

“If you want more clarity… Tania can support you and provide you with clear direction.”

"Tania Gabrielle is someone I trust and have known for a few years now. She is an excellent teacher and very intuitive. If you want more clarity on what is occurring for you in your life, Tania can support you in unraveling the pieces and provide you with clear direction. I could not recommend her enough. Thank you Tania for all you do."



Maria A. Andros
Video Marketing Queen
Creator of The Video Conversion Formula

Do You REALLY Want To SHIFT your life in 2012?

You Will Never Be Able To Help the Level of People You Want To – UNLESS You Help Yourself First!

  • How can you truly help someone - when you are constantly worried about how to implement your spiritual path?

  • How can you feel at peace, happy and fulfilled - when you haven't understood how the SWEEPING changes are affecting your nervous system?

  • How can you give others your attention, love and support - when you are stressed and worried about staying afloat?

At The "2012: Your Spiritual Pivot Point" Event, I want to give you more than just knowledge and support…. I want to give you the powerful tools to help you SHIFT your life in 2012

  • I want to show you how to live fearlessly.

  • I want inspire you to explore and understand your spiritual power.

  • I want to help you engage in Self Creation.

  • I want to teach you how to make all your decisions with confidence.

But most importantly…

  • I want to help you utilize Science and Spirituality the way humanity was intended to use them.

SPECIAL BONUS: You’ll Receive Your Personal AstroNumerology Chart for 2012!

This chart will be created personally for you by Tania and includes her private notes of your most important numerology and astrology events from January 1 – December 31, 2012

BONUS 2: A Special Private Teleconference Call

A special private Teleconference call with Tania before the event where she will prepare you and work with you to keep you grounded and moving forward. This call will contain powerful information and ONLY be open to those who are registered. (If you cannot make the call, you will still be able to listen to a recording at your convenience.)

SUPER BONUS 3: Bring a friend or partner for FREE!

Although we expect this event to sell out quickly, for a limited time you can ALSO bring a friend, colleague, spouse, business partner for FREE – so you can split the investment and learn & grow together. We have reserved a small handful of seats for this special Super Bonus and when those seats are gone, well, they are just plain gone.

Once you register yourself, fill out the “Guest” portion of the form to grab one of these seats for a friend. If you are reading this message right now, it means there are still a few 'friend designated seats' left. 

You KNOW that The "2012: Your Spiritual Pivot Point" Event is exactly what you need to break through and finally create the shift you deserve – and desire.

All you need to do it reserve your seat and attend.

Click on the REGISTER NOW button and secure your place at this life-changing event.

Early Bird 2-Pay Plan Ends November 1 (midnight Pacific time)

Ready to reserve your spot?

You're going to get a ticket to Tania’s LIVE "2012: Your Spiritual Pivot Point" Event where you'll create the biggest shift of your life – both spiritually and materially!

Plus, you'll get these bonuses:

  1. Your AstroNumerology Chart for 2012 – created personally for you by Tania

  2. A ticket to Tania’s Private Teleconference Call before the Event to Prepare you for your Big Shift on 11.11.11 (details sent shortly)

  3. An opportunity to Bring a Friend for FREE


$827 (best value)


Early Bird 3-Pay Plan Ends October 11 (midnight Pacific time)

2 easy payments of $437

(payments processed in 30 day increments)

Rest easy - your order will be processed on secure servers.

On November 11-12, a large number of Big-Hearted, Service-Oriented people and leaders alike will gather together in one place to transform the world... in 2012.

Will you be there too?

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle