I’m sure you have been feeling the restructuring of energy in the air. It’s been quite remarkable, actually.

Of course, with change comes tension!

When I have my moments of doubt I conjure up an image in my mind of the archer and a bow.

There is tremendous tension as the bow is tightly drawn back – yet the archer must not tense the body. The art is to let the two hands work in tandem while the arms and shoulder muscles stay relaxed. Then the drawing and shooting of the arrow symbolize the spiritual in-and-out breath.

When I imagine the archer’s laser-like attention on a single point, I feel the past, present and future rolled into one glorious moment. The pulling back of the bow without straining, and the release of energy – symbolizes creation.

The image reminds me to breathe deeply, release, relax and refocus.

Breath is life. And to breathe deeply is to RELAX . Have you every noticed that the word REAL is embedded in the word RELAX? No coincidence there!

You can’t strain to relax – it’s not something you try, it’s something you are BEING.

Being real, being present is like being ‘breathed’ by an unknown force.

Each physical breath is a rebirth – a carrier of eternal life.

The art of deep breathing will continue to become a major part of people’s daily life as the feminine energy re-emerges on Earth.

2013 ushers a tremendous resurgence of the Divine Feminine. This frequency exists in ALL of us, men and women. It is, of course, symbolically represented by the female essence.

13 – a number of birth, death and transformation – was always associated with the Power of the Feminine.

Women give birth to new life…

As we get closer to the end of the 26,000 year cycle on 12.21.2012, when the Sun is in direct alignment with the center of the galaxy and a brand new cycle begins, we are also entering a time where the Divine Feminine is being rebalanced with the Divine Masculine.

This is why life has taken on a feeling of uncertainty – A huge shift is recalibrating how we live and breathe and lead our lives.

And to help us engage and listen to our heart and soul (a feminine principle) many spiritual and practical lifelines are being made available now. More luminary teachers, both male and female, are emerging who embody a balance between the feminine and masculine principles.

One such teacher is my dear friend Ali Brown.

Her purpose is to free us from the bondage of our perceived limitations – and Ali has a particular fondness for empowering women.

Ali has taught and supported women worldwide to embrace the world of entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in creating a thriving business, Ali has made a free video series explaining how current opportunities are making it EASIER than ever for us to create the lives we always dreamed of.

She also explains why the male-designed corporate environment might not be especially suited to women, who create from a different place… from the heart!

Watch her fascinating first video here:

Enjoy and thrive!

Love and Blessings,


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