I'm sure everyone has seen Larry
King Live on CNN. That show came to an end last night.


25 Years for Larry King.


Ending on December 16.


Yesterday was a 25 Personal Day
for him.


What do these numbers all have in common?
They all reduce to the number 7.


Larry King happens to thrive on
numbers 1,5 and 7 – they make up the Mind trilogy in numerology.


ALL of his birth numbers fall into
this same trilogy.


He was born on a 1 Day.


He has a 1 Life Purpose.


His Destiny or Career vibration is
5 – the Media Number.


His Soul and Personality Numbers
are 7.


The numbers 1-5-7 explain his
brilliant mind – a must-have in order to interview guest after guest nearly
every day for 25 years straight. King says he never prepared for an interview. He
even bragged at one time that he never reads the books of authors who appear on
the show.


So 25/7 Years of his show ending
on his 25/7 Personal Day on the 16/7th of December happens to be a perfect farewell.


It also indicates much about his
immediate future.


These three 7s forecast a much
calmer life for Larry King. 7 is the most private of numbers. King is yearning
for peace and quiet. He needs time to rest and time spent out in nature. His 7s
are telling him to take a sabbatical and refocus on his inner life.


Amazingly, Larry King will be
entering a 7 Personal Year shortly as well. So it is all lined up for him.


In fact, numbers are lining up for
everyone in potent ways right now.


I am sure you have felt the
intense energy. It is building up as we are about to experience a very powerful
cycle – both universally and personally.


It is  time for you to understand and capitalize on the powerful forces
approaching in 2011.


What does 2011 forecast for you


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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