Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 10.29.49 AMYou know when you enter a room and just feel you are going to have a special time?

That’s how it was yesterday when I joined nine other women to celebrate a close friend’s impending motherhood.

Some of us had never met, but no matter.

The vibes were spectacular!

Love, laughter and gratitude imbued this beautiful afternoon overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

This year we are healing the past and taking on new responsibilities. We are meeting new friends and making changes – we are literally FEELING renewed.

2013 adds up to a 6 Universal Year – a nurturing, emotional frequency in the 3-6-9 ‘feeling’ triad of numerology. Under its influence we are yearning for love and all facets of abundance.

6 symbolizes BIRTH, love and responsibility.

The image of number 6 is a visible embodiment of a pregnant mother… a woman carrying a child in her womb.

Here’s another way to look at the number 6.

See how the top curves down into a circle? This is visible symbol of sperm penetrating the ovum.

In other words, 6 = creation born of love.

When we create, something new in us is born. We feel GOOD!

So 6 is a birthing celebration. And this year, 6 is coupled with the number 13 (since we are in the 13th year of the century).

13 brings REBIRTH through change, empowerment and sudden transformation.

In 2013 we’re being prompted to explore new territories. Number 13 empowers (or dis-empowers) – it represents the proper or improper use of power. This is why we are seeing power struggles in world events. We are being constantly reminded of our internal power source, which can be switched on – or off – in an instant!

What is actually happening is the Divine Feminine in us is re-awakening. For those who are resisting, there is a power struggle going on internally.

Bringing the masculine and feminine within us into balance attracts inevitable transformation. Previous paradigms just won’t work anymore this year, so we’re all journeying into new and unexplored territories.

Honoring your feelings is paramount to achieving peace of mind, happiness and success this year.

Right now certain planets are lining up in the heavens ensuring that the events in 2013 will leave a legacy on our lives for years to come.

2013 is energetically magnified even more by a code of numbers – the sequence 0123.

**Shortly I’ll be announcing a special online event where I’ll show you how to leverage the Astro-Numerology alignments between May and November, 2013.

Yesterday, during the celebration of my dear friend’s baby shower, I too was healed and nurtured by the power of love in that room.

A sacred space was created allowing us to honor the sacredness in our souls.

I felt myself shift and embrace a whole new perspective on parts of my life I was resisting… It was a magical, healing afternoon.

This year you will thrive when you:

1. Seek out loving, passionate and powerful souls. People who inspire you because they consistently take responsibility for their lives. Be with your true soul family.

2. Allow space to be creative. Creativity is your soul’s nourishment.

3. Share your light.

Do these three things – love, create and share – and you will be abundantly rewarded.

In Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Eric April 25, 2013 at 2:02 pm - Reply

    I love this..” love create and share”.. This is the beauty of life.

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