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Today is December 11, a good day to recall how this number
has affected us throughout 2009, an 11 Universal Year.


The number 11 can indicate great progress as we release old
patterns and embrace a new more enlightened approach. At the same time 11 often
indicates division – being pulled in different directions and feeling


The two 1s
represent two pillars. All year we have been asked to walk through the master
number 11 gateway. We've had to make choices.


If you were
unwilling to embrace truth and decided to keep on doing things as before, then
you would have felt a sense of imbalance. Fortunately, imbalance can help us to
act. The restlessness demands it.


So how do
we stay balanced.


By tuning


Not to the
media. But by checking your greatest source of wisdom – your intuition.


11 is a
highly intuitive vibration. When you trust your intuition, you are ‘in touch'.
11 also reduces to the number 2 – a number of communication, peace, diplomacy
and duality.


Let's take
these last three weeks of 2009 to transcend any divisive feelings which
separate us from one another and create a bridge of communication and peace.
There's still time to set aside your differences and communicate heart to
heart. The quality of the peaceful, loving 2 demands it.


All year
you were asked to trust and to LISTEN to your HEART.


This is
great preparation for the frequency we are about to experience in 2010. As I
will explain soon, the 9-year universal cycle that began in 2008 is now in full


One of the
major themes I'll be teaching in the ‘Secrets in Mysteries' seminar this March
will be forecasting. In order to do so, you must understand the past. So take
some time to look back on your year.


old, useless patterns – it's such a fantastic time to do so.

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Don't forget to take advantage of the amazing Holiday
while they are still available.


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