lotus_lightDo you ever feel like change is coming at you faster than you can handle?

Especially lately?

Have you asked for things to shift, but weren’t quite ready for your prayers to be answered in such a BIG way?

You’re definitely not alone!

Change is a natural part of life. Lately, sudden change has begun to permeate many people’s lives so strongly, that some have been swept away by the impact.

The truth is – the pace of change is accelerating.

It’s been building for a while, but really shifted since the 2 Eclipse / Cardinal Grand Cross event less than two months ago.

If you haven’t felt the pace of change intensifying yet, you will.

Fortunately this month you have an opportunity like no other. For one, Mercury is retrograde until July 1, and this allows for refection and attunement to your true, authentic feelings.

June has a special number permeating the astro-numerology all month long:

  • June is a 13/4 Universal Month.
  • Full Moon on June 13/4.
  • Full Moon at 22/4 Degrees.
  • Neptune retrogrades on a 22/4 Universal Date.
  • Full Moon partners up with Jupiter, also at 22/4 degrees.

Number 13 symbolizes CHANGE through empowerment. Transformation, often out of the blue, is the keyword of this number.

13 adds up to 4, bringing an extra dimension (1+3 = 4).

4 is grounding energy. 4 is connected to the Earth and allows you to build a solid foundation using the principles of integrity, honesty and discipline.

4 is a number of SECURITY.

So the art is to feel secure while everything changes!

How is this accomplished?

  1. Accept the fact that you feel fear.
  2. Don’t do anything about it, don’t give your fears ANY attention.
  3. Place your attention on relaxing your body. No tension means Attention.
  4. Feel your fear disappear completely.

That’s it! Fear cannot exist without tension. Tension fuels fear. Once you discover your personal instant relaxation tool (more on that in a moment), you are set FREE!

You are free to accept change, free to master change and free to CREATE and OWN the changes in your life.

Here’s what happens when you’re in a state of relaxation:

When life changes, as it is now, fear will appear. It always does, since any fear exactly points to where your greatest growth potential lies. But instead of letting fear consume you, distract you and infect your confidence with doubt, fear will wash over you like an ocean wave.

When you are relaxed, fear has no place to lay down roots.

It cannot enter the fabric of your soul.

Look, fear is natural. Every change brings fear. You’re entering new territory, unfamiliar circumstances, and naturally the unknown makes you afraid!

What would be the alternative? What if you didn’t welcome change? Everything would remain static, stuck, fixed…

You can’t be afraid when everything is dead, unchanging and predictable, right? It’s an ILLUSION of security. What’s even worse is, you’ve given away your power. You’re definitely NOT in charge. Your confidence is low. You’re reacting, not manifesting.

Fear is the reason people create static lives, where the same routine lulls them into a false sense of security.

The journey to fulfillment begins with relaxation.

Confidence is borne out of an ability to reflect and respond from the heart.

This month give yourself the time and freedom to welcome change. As a result, watch your prosperity shift. Watch your relationships change.

Experience instantaneous bliss!

To help you shift into bliss, access the private relaxation message hidden in your personal Abundance code.

There’s a personal relaxation tool embedded in each person’s birthday code.

I call it your Personal Shift Number.

This Personal Shift Number holds the secret to your well-being. (Well-being is the original meaning of wealth.)

Wealth is magnetically attracted to feeling well.

Get your Abundance Blueprint and savor the personal remedies it reveals.

Click here to access yours.

Now embrace change… and thrive!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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  1. Maricel June 11, 2014 at 9:07 pm - Reply

    I crave change so bad because I have been stuck in an uncomfortable position for a long time. But at the same time I want change to come gracefully and hopefully with positive surprises. And what change
    So much I can’t wait. How do you wait with grace?

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