Mars and Uranus have been in an ongoing square since May, and today the square becomes exact again for the FINAL time.

This is a culmination of RADICAL CHANGE in some area of your life.

Now the quest for change has come to a head…

Any shifts you’ve been yearning to make can be implemented fast!

A square between Mars and Uranus is INTENSE.

Fire and Freedom merge together… so you might feel a bit impulsive or impatient over the next few days.

  • Uranus seeks to experience what is unexplored to manifest breakthroughs
  • Mars is ambitious, impulsive and driven – full speed ahead!
  • Mars is now back in Aquarius – the sign that Uranus rules.

You want to fight for what you believe in.

When you do, you’ll generate powerful NEW breakthroughs, and even changes that will shift your life in a big way.

Mars and Uranus are at for this final square!

1 is the number of new beginnings, fresh starts, original ideas and action – you are journeying where you’ve never been before…

However you don’t want to rush into things, act impulsively or hastily…

5 Steps to enhance Positive Shifts in your life during this powerful transit:

  • Breathe deeply… you are exhaling conflict and inhaling inspiration.
  • Listen closely… there’s a message for you about embracing a change.
  • Make a decision… choose only what sets you FREE.
  • If agitated, wait a few days for the fiery energy to calm down.
  • Engage creatively with the highly dynamic energy!

With this final meeting between the two planets – you have INTEGRATED a desire to be free and accepted change as a natural part of growth.

Anytime there is tension (square) an awakening is present!

Break through what is holding you back – in love, family, work – and adjust your perspective to create a NEW dynamic around it.

It’s your choice to accept or reject the changes.

Know that you are creating a new and utterly different experience.

Nothing in your past will resemble where you are heading right now.

You have chosen to be here at this amazing time on planet Earth!

Release the energy that Mars retrograde brought up during the summer.

You are creating a better way to love and live!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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