When people talk about Bill Gates or Michael Jordan, they always refer to them by first and last names. Not so with Oprah and Madonna.
In fact, many youngsters probably don’t even know Madonna’s last name is Ciccone. As for these two icons single name’s – they have highly fortunate numbers, as expected.
‘Oprah’ resonates to the powerful 23/5 vibration, a highly fortunate number. It blesses her with much grace.
Even with Oprah’s negative day of birth number, the 23 is so strong a presence that her 29 day will be transmuted. 23 is called ‘The Royal Star of the Lion.’ No other number can challenge the Lion’s strength – and win.
If anyone in TV Land symbolizes a lion’s strength, it’s Oprah Winfrey. Even her full name resonates to a fortunate vibration. So, she’s in great hands.
So is Madonna. Her fabulous name resonates to a 27/9, a vibration of courage and power. 27 is a number of excellence and blesses her with a promise of command and authority. It brings a guarantee of great rewards when she applies her intellect, imagination and creativity. No arguments there. Madonna also has a negative day of birth number, just like Oprah does, but the 27 of her name assures her success and wealth.
A 27 name will require Madonna to carry out her own original ideas and goals – not be intimidated or influenced by opinions at odds with hers. No problem. If anyone has followed their own ideas on a world stage, it’s the Material Girl. She’s been reaping great rewards ever since.
Many more great rewards were reaped yesterday.
Last night’s teleconference call was a huge success. Dozens of callers had their names looked at and changed to a much more fortunate number. Many more received readings on their Life Purpose, Destiny and future.
In fact, so many people wanted my advice that I’ve decided to make these calls a monthly event.
Except they’ll be even better. Here’s how.
I have created the new Pythagorean Club where, as a member, you will receive:
1. A monthly two-hour teleseminar for members only where Tania can give you exclusive, longer answers to your questions.
2. Each call will be recorded and put on a special website link for you to access later. So you'll never miss a call.
3. You may ask me about names for other members in your family, your career, finances, business and personal relationships, your friends, the city you live in, your home address, and your immediate and far-range future.
4. Entrepreneurs can ask about names for their products, books and websites.
5. I’ll advise you which days of the month are most fortuitous for you to plan major events – such as surgeries, vacations, lectures and presentations, signing major documents, business trips, parties, and other special events.
6. Any member whose question is not answered during the call, will receive a personal answer from me by email.
Most of my clients want access to me at least once a month – and usually don’t get it, because of my busy schedule. As a member of the Pythagorean Club you will be able to ask me a question every 30 days.
This is my way of helping you turn your life into a masterpiece – a golden picture of success.
So make sure you take advantage of today’s Early Bird Offer today. By doing so, you’ll be taking charge of your future.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. Oprah said, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”
Click here and I'll help you turn your life into a celebration.

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