sunsetI’m in the period that falls six weeks before my birthday.

Fortunately I’m aware that during these weeks I need more rest and reflection. I’m taking my ‘spiritual exams’ to complete my current personal year!

On your birthday, the solar energy for your new year is birthed.

During the six weeks before you celebrate your new cycle, life gets more intense. What you learned and processed since your last birthday culminates. Whatever growth you were meant to experience is now being completed.

The sun is reentering the part of the zodiac that marks the moment you took your first breath.

If you find events are persistently showing up again during this time, or a situation is repeating – pay close attention. You are being supported more than ever now to release any issues you’ve been lugging around, since you are coming to an end of an astro-numerology cycle.

Look at what’s popping up for you – from relationship, financial, spiritual to career issues – and address them as best you can.

Also… you’ll want to take more time to rest.

Resting allows your heart, mind and body to process your deep emotions. Sleep clears your unconscious mind.

Your energetic cycle is culminating and ending in the weeks before your birthday – you are cycling down your battery.

6 weeks before your birthday you are “feng-shuing” your life. On every level.

Then, on your birthday, your renewed energy battery fires up and you feel refreshed and dynamic again!

Your birthday releases the light of the next year in a burst of energy that is meant to carry you through the next 12 months.

This light will focus on specific areas of your life every year.

At any time during your current cycle you can tune in to discover where you are, when it's most fortunate – or not – to act on certain goals, and what you want to focus on to fire up your soul's abundance code.

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Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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