I suspected there would be deep division in the House of Representatives on Monday – after all it was September 29th, an 11 Day. This division transcended party lines.

Just as interesting is the 777.68 drop on Wall Street. The fact that it happened yesterday, the 29th, is just one of many clues.

29/11 is a master number and signifies mastering all challenges by turning them into a positive. The key for this number is to cultivate optimism rather than blame. Yesterday the blame game was running strong on Capitol Hill.

Optimism is the one miraculous healer for the number 29. Accepting full responsibility for all challenges is the surest way to turn ‘bad luck' into an infinite streak of fortunate events.

Walk through that 11 gateway with a positive frame of mind and you can master the challenges of this number.

As for how the 29th of September ties into the ‘big crash' of the 20th century – notice it is referred to as the '29 Crash because it took place at the end of 1929.

Let's look at the number being used to reference yesterday's big drop – 777.

A multitude of 7s always indicates a deep spiritual experience. In this case, Americans spoke up and their Representatives listened. Most people want a natural progression of events not a bailout of banks and the people who run them. The 777 signified an optimism about Main Street's ability to weather the storm without handouts to bankers.

There's another message here as well. The bail-out package is 700 billyon – which adds up to 7. Yesterday stocks plunged 7 percent. All these 7s tie into our upcoming election. November 4, 2008 is a 16/7 Day. So the dramatic meaning of the 16/7 is starting to be felt now.

Notice that 777 totals 21/3 – 21 symbolizes victory after a long struggle. And 3 is the number of self-expression. Monday was also a 30/3 Universal Day. So two 3s were in play. Americans definitely spoke up leading into yesterday's big vote. Without the slew of phone calls and emails preceding the vote it could have gone the other way.

Of course the general hysteria in Washington and New York also ties into the number 3 as well.

There's one more number to pay attention to – 777.68

First, look at the decimal 68. It reduces to 14/5 – the Media Number. Yesterday the media was definitely in a frenzy. And when you add all the digits in 777.68, there's another clue. The total come to 35/8.

As you know, 4 and 8 are considered the numbers of ‘fate and destiny.'

Here's the underlying message. 35/8 indicates that there is too much listening of other people's advice. Keep on track by paying close attention to gut feelings – your intuition. Don't fall for the fear tactics emanating from NY and DC right now. Otherwise the fateful 35/8 warns of disappointment in your goals.

35 also carries another message. Put aside some of your assets. This will stabilize your income. Invest in your own future.

As you can see, Numbers' messages are everywhere.

When it comes to your own messages there is one number you have total control over. It is the number your current name adds up to. This important vibration activates your whole blueprint. So make sure the name you use adds up to a fortunate number.

A good name is a positive investment in your future.

Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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