intuition-3You have the most remarkable gift in the world, something you never need to purchase or wish you owned:

24/7 access to your Intuition!

Some have a heightened gift of ‘seeing’ or ‘hearing’ or ‘sensing’ the unseen realms for vital information that they channel to mentor and support others, and these people may call themselves an “Intuitive”.

Whether you are a professional intuitive or not, the word “Intuitive” resonates to 33 in the ancient Chaldean system of numerology.

    • 33 is a “master number” symbolizing the Selfless Giver and Cosmic Guardian.

  • 33 is highly sensitive and often signifies a powerful empath – a teacher of compassion and unconditional love.
  • 33 is the number of vertebrae in our spinal cord and connects to the chakras in our body.
  • 33 has a root number of 6 (3+3 = 6), a vibration of love, responsibility, abundance and compassion.

How wonderful then that the word INTUITIVE is directly aligned with the powerful 33, a master number of unconditional love and service.

Even science has now caught up on the importance of accessing your intuition.

Recent research suggests that highly intuitive people interact with their environment by instantaneously accessing what is for everyone’s Greatest good.

An intuitive person uses intuition to make divinely informed decisions.

You are an intuitive being.

Here are your 9 tips on how to easily access and master your most powerful natural gift ANY moment of the day:

  1. LISTEN to your inner voice – all the time!
  2. Be CREATIVE. Creativity puts you in the intuition driver’s seat.
  3. Listen to your BODY. Trust that the “gut feelings” in your body are a miraculous messenger system set up just for you!
  4. Take QUIET TIME for yourself every day. Being alone and in silence is the most effective way to be creative and intuitive.
  5. Observe and notice SIGNS. Serendipity and synchronicity are the little surprises created just for you by your intuition!
  6. Connect deeply and listen to OTHERS – face-to-face time enhances your natural powers as an empath.
  7. Be vigilant about RELEASING negative feelings. Being upset or angry or depressed stifles your intuitive gifts and puts an end to your creativity.
  8. Cherish moments of PLAY and REST. Refresh and rejuvenate from your busy life, so you can hear your intuition speak to you.
  9. Be OF SERVICE to others. In the process of serving others (not being in servitude) your intuitive gifts are powerfully activated!

These 9 tips will remind you to be fully present whenever you choose to be.

There are many opportunities to access your creativity. One incredible way is to use your intuition to activate the flow of abundance in your life.

Imagine knowing when and how to use your gift to manifest wealth!

Fortunately, in 2015 the opportunity for wealth generation will be more remarkable than ever.

Earlier this month I hosted an online seminar called “2015 Money Making Formula”. This 5-hour virtual seminar is a detailed Wealth Forecast for 2015 and shows how YOU can use your personal astro-numerology cycles to manifest abundance throughout next year!

I’m happy to report that the REPLAY of this special livestream is now available for a very short time.

Click here to watch this short video.

In Love and Abundance,


P.S. Once you register I will personally create your “2015 Personal Astro-Numerology Planner”, a document designed for you to get the MOST out of this 5-hour online seminar and ALL of 2015.




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