# 3.jpgDo you feel more emotional today?


There is a good reason. Remember,
we are in a 3 Universal Year. 3 is one of three emotional numbers. The other
two are 6 and 9.


And every September all of us
experience a Double Activation. So you are feeling the 3 extra strong this
month. You are also experiencing another Double Activation – your Personal Year
and Month number is more intense in September as well.


So if you are in a 25/7 Personal
Year, every September you are also experiencing a 35/7 Personal Month, thus
activating a Double 7.


Same goes for Universal Cycles,
like the 3 Year we are all in right now.


September is a 12/3 Universal


Here's the thing. Today is the 9th.
So today, and also on the 18th and 27th, you are
experiencing a 21/3 Universal Day – making it a

Triple 3 Activation


Since 3 is an emotional, dramatic
frequency, your feelings be triggered more than normal today – and all month


3 is also a social number, so
please reach out to your close friends and mentors if you need to. Don't do it
alone right now. You are meant to communicate your feelings to others.


There is good news, of course. Once
you release the drama and emotional baggage, you will experience a wonderful
lightness. This is because 3 in its purest form symbolizes perfection and joy.
Those who have a 3 in their birth blueprint love to uplift others and often
have beautiful smiles.


So on a Triple 3 Day like today,
communicate and release your emotional issues, no matter how deep-seated they


Have some fun with your close
friends and family.


You will then feel the happiness
of this beautiful number.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Your Personal Year and Months
are all described in great detail in Your Next 12 Months report. This report
also includes your most important Personal Days, so you can plan important
meetings, events and trips.

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