A December to Remember

December is just around the corner!

And this year December will be a month to remember…

That's because 12.2017 resonates to a 13 Universal Month – and 13 always brings excitement and surprises that ultimately lead to a REBIRTH of opportunities…. to empower you at a soul level.

In December, a part of your life is re-inventing itself.

The two lunations in December reflect the same message…

Both the Full Moon in Gemini and the  New Moon in Sagittarius are in mutable signs, invoking a flexible approach and an openness to the fluid nature of life.

Here's are some of the highlights:

  • Mercury retrogrades on the powerful, final “critical” critical degree of 29° in joyful Sagittarius
  • There is an unprecedented 11:11:11:11:11 portal of Awakening in the star code
  • Saturn makes a momentous shift (which will stimulate your career!)
  • The Solstice coincides with an event that we have not experienced in 28 years
  • New Year’s Eve on December 31 activates a rare, sacred geometric star formation

And those are just the biggest highlights!

There’s so much more to share with you as we enter the remarkable final month of 2017.

You can get the details of exactly WHEN these big moments – and all other transits – are exact, how the DAILY numerology code unfolds, and how it all IMPACTS you personally and professionally.

To get the in depth, day-by-day universal star-code forecast for every day of December, check out the latest Premium Wealth Forecast.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

PS. Listen to this Free excerpt for December!


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