Celebrities and their relationships are intriguing, because they always confirm the powers of Pythagorean Numerology.
When Tom Cruise recently married Katie Holmes, who is over 15 years his junior, many wrote off this supposedly lopsided relationship. They are wrong.
I just took a look at their compatibility rating – and let me tell you, it is VERY good.
Many people enjoy predicting doom for celebrity couples. Especially when it comes to Tom Cruise, who’s on his third marriage. I don’t make predictions about anyone’s life. I only let people know how their energies blend. Whether there’s too much of a clash or a beautiful mix of harmonious vibrations. Having said that, I would be surprised if Tom and Katie do ever break up.
To show you why, here’s a peek at their Compatability Blueprint. I’ll also tell you why the numbers for Tom and Nicole Kidman were, to put it mildly, not meant to last.
To start off, Katie and Tom have the same Life Purpose Number – 10/1. This is a very strong connection between them. Because the 1 can be competitive, they will occasionally butt heads. But that temptation will quickly dissipate for two strong reasons.
Of their six numbers, they have four in common. This is quite unusual and definitely makes Tom and Katie soul mates.
In addition, when comparing their Soul Number, Personality, Birth Number and Life Purpose Numbers side-by-side, Tom and Katie are in complete harmony.
Only their Destiny Numbers are in conflict to each other, so they will have a few bumps in the road. But, due to their strong ties in most all other areas of life, there is nothing they can’t overcome. Tom and Katie have so much in common, they’ll feel like they can read each other’s thoughts and feelings.
Pythagoras would have agreed – Tom and Katie are meant to be together for the long haul.
That was certainly NOT the case with Tom and Nicole.
In fact, I shutter when I look at their numbers in comparison. About the only good thing I can say is that they had three of six numbers in common. Yes, that is a strong bond.
But… It’s not enough when you also have NO numbers in Harmony with each other. Rather, 4 out of 6 of Tom and Nicole’s Numbers are in Conflict with each other. One of these is their Life Purpose Number. The others are their Destiny, Soul and Personality Numbers. Not good.
When a couple has four Conflicts in their core numbers one of which involves their Life Purpose Vibration, I want to ask them one question. What are you really getting out of this relationship?
Don’t get me wrong. A couple with these numbers can remain together. But it won’t be an easy ride. It’ll be a lot of hard work. And they’ll both be making major compromises to be sure. Let’s just say, it would never surprise me if two people with their numbers call it quits even after expending much effort.
If you are searching for your perfect mate, be clear about what you’re looking for. Knowing your numbers is the best place to start. Only then can you know what kind of person will complement and enhance your life.
One thing’s for sure. You will be much happier if you pick a person with numerological vibrations that are easy for you to get along with.
What’s great about knowing your numbers is that they are fun. No one is out to get you. Another person’s numbers may be aligned differently. His or her antenna is tuned to another station. It doesn’t make him worse or better than you. It’s like putting together the pieces of a puzzle.
Once you know what number station you’re tuned into, picking your perfect mate becomes a piece of cake.
This is why knowing your own and your lover’s numerological compatibility rating is so important. If anything, you’ll have peace of mind and strong evidence to support what you already feel deep inside. On the other hand, you’ll receive invaluable advice about whether your partner is going to support or challenge your destiny.
To find out your compatibility rating, get the Are Your Numbers in Love? Blueprint today.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. Is Nicole Kidman better off with Keith Urban? Yes. This is a much improved union for her. Keith and Nicole have triple numbers in total Harmony, and five numbers out of six numbers in common. Though their three birth numbers are not in harmony like Tom and Katie’s are, there is so much to happy about in this partnership. Their marriage has a very good chance of lasting. Your numbers will always point the way and show you the light. Be amazed at what your numbers reveal.

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