This morning I read on CNN about controversial Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speeches in the U.S. today and tomorrow.
So I decided to take a look at this highly opinionated and divisive leader’s numbers. Oh boy. First, his day of birth. He’s got a vibration of frustrating contradictions. On the one hand, he has great promise – even genius quality – with the possibility of achieving immense success. Anyone who becomes a nation’s leader is exhibiting a form of success.
However, his birth number also indicates he trusts the wrong people. As a result Ahmadinejad will always have powerful opposition from enemies and competitors, as well as in his business and career. There’s also a risk of serious loss in courts of law.
Since his birth number can’t be altered – I’ll get to his name in a moment – he has great lessons to learn. Most important of these is that he practices self-discipline and caution. He’s always got to look before he leaps. Otherwise his life will very frustrating.
Anybody who says for the record, AND as President of a country, that the Holocaust is ‘a myth’ and that Israel should be ‘wiped off the map,’ is not using self-discipline and extreme caution. He’s insane.
This brings me to his name number. It’s a 10. This number can be highly fortuitous. How it reflects in a person’s life greatly depends on whether he can SEE the difference between good and evil, and act accordingly. If someone with a 10 turns to the dark side, he will not benefit from this number.
That’s because, the number 10 is capable of eliciting either extreme love or hate, respect or fear.
We all know what Ahmadinejad has chosen. The reason he’s so dangerous is that 10 carries the power to manifest every desire and thought. You can do much good, OR much bad, depending on HOW you utilize the power inherent in this number. Only with wisdom can you realize 10’s tremendous potential and help humanity.
So anyone with a 10 in their numerology blueprint has to practice compassion, discipline and wisdom. Most 10 people don’t realize their power potential. Instead they have deep-seated frustrations, which cause them to feel unfulfilled. So they may act proudly and arrogantly as a cover-up to their true feelings of inferiority.
Like I said, those with a 10 can do a lot of good. But, unless they utilize discipline they’ll get themselves into trouble.
Look at these famous people who have 10 names.
Bill Clinton. We know what a total lack of self-discipline did to his career and life. Or Jane Fonda, who had a love/hate relationship with the public. Another actress, Susan Sarandon – same thing. What I see with the 10, is you’ve got to watch your tongue.
Ted Turner is a 10. He’s turned things around, befitting his name Turner. He’s really doing some good with his wealth and power. Another great example of 10’s power to help is Dan Kennedy. These are highly successful people, no doubt about it. They manifested something extraordinary, few people ever will.
Going back to Iran’s President, he’s clearly using his numbers in a highly negative way.
What you do with what you’ve got is the key. Let’s say you have a day of birth number which isn’t that great. Like President Ahmadinejad’s. Well, you then have to make doubly sure that your name resonates to a highly fortunate vibration.
I know this seems like hocus pocus, but I’m telling you, numbers are just vibrations. And we all know there are good and bad vibes. So make sure the vibration of your name is a GOOD one.
Once you know your numbers, you’ve got it made. You don’t have to live a life of uncertainty. Go see your destiny at today.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. One of the locations Iran’s President is speaking today is at Columbia University. The university’s president, Lee Bollinger, resisted many requests to cancel the question and answer session. Instead he promised to introduce the talk himself with a series of tough questions. Bollinger wants to ask Ahmadinejad about his views on the Holocaust, the destruction of the state of Israel and Iran’s alleged support of terrorism.
Will be interesting to see how Ahmadinejad responds. Meanwhile, let wisdom prevail. Make sure YOU know you’re the numbers that make up your Blueprint.

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