On August 25, the most famous of astronauts, Neil Armstrong, passed away.

Days before, the most famous of road racing cyclists, Lance Armstrong, was in the news for facing a liftetime ban from competition for using performance enhancing drugs.

Two Armstrongs – two strong men with very different outcomes.

Neil Armstrong, known as the first person to walk the moon, was an aerospace engineer, U.S. Navy pilot and professor. During his first spaceflight – the NASA Gemini 8 mission – he acted as command pilot.

Gemini 8 triggers the number 8 – a powerful number for Neil Armstrong . His full birthday or Life Purpose Number adds up to 26/8, signifying leadership and overcoming obstacles to gain strength.

Armstrong’s most famous spaceflight came as mission commander of the Apollo 11 moon landing in July 1969. During July, 2969 Armstrong was experiencing a powerful 44/8 Personal Month, activating his 26/8 Life Purpose yet again.

With his birthday on the 5th of August, Armstrong was bound to love excitement, adventure and freedom! This number also tied him to the U.S. since America’s Life Purpose is 32/5.

Neil Armstrong passed away in August. He had just begun an 18/9 Personal Year. 9 signifies culminations, transitions, endings and letting go.

Amazingly, August, 2012 was a 26/8 Personal Month for him – reflecting his 26/8 Life Purpose of leadership and strength.

What gave Neil Armstrong the extra edge was his highly fortunate current name which adds up to 45/9.

The same cannot be said of ‘Lance Armstrong’, who carries a challenging 12/3 name vibration. 12 is the ‘victim number’ when it comes to current names, and Lance certainly feels victimized.

I have written about him several times before, so will sum up this about his numbers.

Lance’s Birth Numbers are completely dominated by the number 9.

1. Lance Armstrong was born on the 18th, a 9 Day of Birth.

2. He has a 36/9 Life Purpose Number, based on all the digits of his birthday.

3. Lance’s Essence Number – Month and Day – is 18/9.

4. Lance’s Year of Birth is 1971, adding up to 18/9.

5. Lance’s Destiny Number, based on his birth name ‘Lance Edward Gunderson’, is 90/9.

This remarkable series of 9’s is extremely rare.

What do all these 9s and 18/9s mean? When expressed positively, 9 symbolizes the King of Numbers. 9 is the final single digit, and thus holds all the other numbers within it.

9 looks like a body with a very large head sitting on top. The head represents wisdom. As the ‘Humanitarian Number’, 9’s special purpose is to raise humanity’s consciousness with compassion and love.

9’s do this by being a role model.

Since 9’s will be emulated by others, whether they like it or not, 9’s must always ‘walk their talk’.

When balanced, 9’s are natural leaders, whose very life teaches by example.

All 9’s have a strong inclination to follow something they believe in, and pursue it with tremendous ambition and drive.

Lance Armstrong epidomizes all these qualities – overcoming testicular cancer that had metastasized to his brain and lungs after which he won 7 Tour de France titles in consecutive years.

With a chart dominated by 9s Armstrong undoubtedly had the drive, wisdom, fortitude and regal strength to create an inspiring legacy.

Here’s the thing. 9’s are perfectionists. They expect perfection from themselves – and can place these high expectations on others. The big lessons for 9’s is to learn to forgive, and to trust their inner wisdom. The wisdom is always revealed in their Feelings – 9 lies in the 3-6-9 ‘Feeling’ Triad of numbers.

A 9 person’s greatest wish is to serve the world in some capacity.

And like every number 9 has a shadow side as well. For Lance both the positive and shadow sides are accentuated due to huge role this number plays in his blueprint.

When 9 is expressed negatively, the ego (large head at the top) looms large and the person does not listen, covers up with lies, can be immoral, possessive, bitter and corrupt.

Negative 9’s are critical of others and feel ‘I can do no wrong – I am invincible.’

Unfortunately, Lance Armstrong’s challenging current name keeps attracting obstacles into his life. He feels victimized. He knows most of the other cyclists took the same performance enhancing drugs. He could come clean and explain how his sport became so competitive that the only way to win was to stay one step ahead of the drug testers. He has chosen not to ‘come clean’ in order to protect his egoic self.

Here is a man who reached legendary status both on and off the field, and yet his life is in shambles now.

Lance Armstrong’s story points out again how important our choices and decisions are this year.

It’s OK to veer off course – we all make “mis-takes”! That is how we mature and learn. As long as you take responsibility for your life by risking everything to be free of guilt and regrets, you will be in good hands.

In the end, you live with your decisions. 2012 is your year to decide how you want to thrive!

May Neil Armstrong rest in peace. May Lance find peace in his heart.

Love and Blessings,


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