Wow. What a game! It was riveting. It was thrilling. Eli and the Giants pulled off one of the biggest upsets in sports history.
I guess I should have done the numbers on the Giants’ defensive line. No kidding. The guys who sacked Tom Brady four times and kept him from settling into a groove most of the game, were on fire.
You could feel the fearlessness in the Giants. The Patriots never looked the part of an unbeatable, undefeated team.
The current unpredictability in the upper echelon of sports and politics seems to be a big trend in 2008. When a wild card team wins the Super Bowl you know something’s in the air. Considering the same excitement and tension exists in the current political race for U.S. President, well, it makes me think we’re meant to be sitting on the edge of our seats during these times.
Like we’re all having a major wake-up call.
Change is in the air. And, not coincidentally, Eli Manning is tuned into the number of change. Number 5, the vibration of freedom, flexibility and change is not only his Life Purpose Number, but also his Personal Year Number in 2008.
What a thrill it was to watch this young quarterback and younger brother of last year’s Superbowl Champion, Peyton Manning, come in with 4 minutes to go in that unbelievable 4th quarter – feeling like he OWNED the victory. Eli was an inspiration. He brought that adventurous spirit of the 5 to life in the most glorious manner last night. Superbowl 42 will be remembered for a LONG time. And so will Eli’s Number 10 Jersey in this 10/1 universal year of 2008.
This sense of unpredictability will continue into Super Tuesday. In fact, my sense is that California, a state formerly owned by the Clintons may actually go to Obama tomorrow. We’ll soon find out.
Note that even Super Tuesday takes place on February 5, a day of change.
All this excitement can help YOU wake up. It’s as great a time as ever to be adventurous, reach for your highest goals and take the fearless path of least resistance.
Just remember what Eli Manning and the Giants accomplished. THAT victory alone will inspire both young and older generations for decades.
Here’s to your confidence and to change.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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