You may have heard about the strange incident on November 28 involving Plaxico Burress.

Plaxico is an incredible athlete – a superstar wide receiver for the N.Y. Giants. He's also known for his troubles off the football field.

On Friday he was carrying an unlicensed handgun while drinking in a nightclub. Then the gun accidentally went off and shot him in the leg. Now the hospital and doctor who treated him are under fire for not reporting the incident. Of course, Plaxico faces charges too.

His Personal Numerology Blueprint explains a lot. With a 35/8 Life Purpose, Plaxico was meant to lead.

Many great athletes have a prominent 8. It indicates strength, the ability to overcome obstacles and power. When you add Plaxico's Destiny Number, 99, things get more interesting.

99 is a master number. Again leadership and incredible gifts are indicated here.

99 reduces to 18 and another 9. So he has a triple 9. Often this shows not only leadership but also a major, even out-of-control ego.

In between lurks the challenging 18. As I wrote about Mumbai yesterday, with 18 there is a possibility of deception from others and materialism destroying the spiritual side of nature.

So much power is given with a 99 Destiny – if you can reign in his ego.

Plaxico's Day of Birth is the 12th. This means there can be a tendency for him to feel victimized. He's had his share of brushes with the law. It's a classic ‘big ego/feel like a victim' combo.

His current name ‘Plaxico Burress' adds up to 51/6. The double letters in Burress are helpful to him. But I only recommended 51 names to a handful of my clients.

51 is also associated the warrior. Very often sudden advancement in a career happens for people with 51 names. Look at ‘Oprah Winfrey' and ‘Colin Powell' and ‘Nelson Mandela' all of whom share this number. But they have certainly has their share of challenges as well.

51 is good name for people who need protection, especially if they are in the military.

The reason I don't usually recommend it is because there's a warning of dangerous enemies with this vibration. Yes there's glory, but usually it's not worth the risk.

For Plaxico, whose Personal Numerology Blueprint is already very complicated, I wouldn't have recommended this number.

What I noticed too is that he shot himself on a 6 Personal Day in November and was suspended yesterday by the Giants with no pay. December is a 6 Personal Month for him, so his 51/6 was activated twice. In fact, yesterday added up to 35/8 Personal Day for Plaxico – the same fateful number as his 35/8 Life Purpose.

Here's what he can do.

Change the spelling of his name to ‘Plaxico Berress.' He gets to keep his double letters, the pronunciation of his name remains the same – and best of all, it adds up to 23/5.

23 – ‘The Royal Star of the Lion, ‘ an incredible number for an athlete or anyone for that matter. It's a highly fortunate name number. Changing to ‘Plaxico Berress' would help him tremendously.

It's also certainly easier than Beyonce Knowles plea to change her name to Sasha Fierce.

If you just do one thing, make sure your current name is helping you.

Your ‘Is My Name Fortunate' report will do just that.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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