Serena Williams.jpgClay and I have been enjoying watching some of the U.S. Open Tennis
Championships this past week. That is, when it wasn't rain delayed.


And we were riveted on the Kim Clijsters –
Serena Williams Semifinal on Saturday when Serena had her infamous moment.


In other words, she lost ALL her composure and
went ballistic with a line judge for calling a questionable foot fault.


Truth be told Serena was being beaten by Kim,
the 2005 U.S. Open Champion, who was playing the best match of her life after
coming back from giving birth to her first child. A very sad ending to what up
until then was a brilliant match.


I was curious about Serena Williams' current
cycles on September 12.


Her Personal Numerology Blueprint is very
revealing. She has a combination of a powerful 26/8 Day of Birth with two
self-expression and performance numbers – a 36/9 Life Purpose and a 75/12/3


In contrast to her sister Venus, who also has
the power number 8 but NOT the emotional 3-6-9, Serena was born to be on stage.
As she says – she is a passionate player. And as we all know, passion can at
times turn into emotional breakdowns, as happened on late Saturday night.


Who else has these emotional numbers?


John McEnroe with a 33/6 Life Purpose and 90/9
Destiny. Martina Hingis with a 30/3 Day of Birth and 30/3 Life Purpose. Both
were known for their temper on the courts.


Since Serena had already received a warning
earlier in the match –  she whacked
her racket into a pile of twisted metal after losing the first set to Clijsters
– the combination of foot-fault and subsequent second warning both lost her the
match and disqualified her at the same time.


Of course the timing couldn't have been worse
for Serena. But it's in those moments that champions are made.


Let's look at how the numbers stacked up for
Serena on Saturday.


On September 12, 2009 Serena Williams was having
a 40/4 Personal Day. With her 26/8 Day of birth and challenging current name
number, she was bound to feel more confronted. Fateful events are more likely
to happen when the 4 and 8 are combined in this way.


Add the fact that her Destiny Number is the
self-expressive and emotional 75/12/3.


Of course 75 reduces to 12 – a vibration
indicating a possibility of feeling like a victim or being the victimizer.
Since it WAS the September 12, this tendency was being triggered as well.


Remember Serena's Life Purpose is a 9, another highly
expressive number, so she will ALWAYS be more emotional and passionate than
other players. Saturday her cycles lined up in a way that outside events and her
inner state of mind came to a boiling point.


I'm happy to say that Kim Clijsters, one of the
great stories in tennis, went on to win the U.S. Open last night, husband and young
daughter looking on.


Kim was ALSO born on an 8 Day, just like Serena
and Venus Williams, and she even has an 8 Life Purpose Number. This is no
surprise since many of the greatest athletes have a major 8 – the number of
strength and power, somewhere in their blueprints.


What makes this even more significant is that Kim's
Double 8 ties her to Serena in a magnetic and fateful way.


Kim and daugher.jpg

On the day that Kim Clijsters beat Serena
Williams, Clijsters was experiencing a 10/1 Personal Day. Amazingly her Destiny
is 100/1.


One other major benefit for Kim is this.


Her current name ‘Kim Clijsters' adds up to the
highly fortunate Media Number 14/5. She is now in the position to write a book
and be covered by the media for her incredible come-back by winning as a
wildcard entry – first time that's ever happened at the U.S. Open – and doing
so after sitting out for over 2 years giving birth to her daughter.


Again, numbers can give you the insider view on
current events. Best of all, a fortunate current name will always give you
protection and help.


Make sure your current name is fortunate too.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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