Mention the name Charles LaGanga in the New York area and people light up. He's known for is his big smile and big heart.

I heard about this successful Wall Street executive over the weekend. He's a good guy doing good things for others. Since Wall Street is under a cloud I thought hearing about a wealthy individual who is also a humanitarian and philanthropist is refreshing.

Charles LaGranga came from modest beginnings. Now he loves giving back for all the blessings he's received.

Since he loves children of all ages it's no surprise his resources have gone towards helping youngsters. Soon he'll be honored on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange for his work.

Around two years ago LaGranga heard about a family living on Staten Island whose daughter was born with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Alexia Trimarchi's parents wanted to build an addition on their home to create a separate bedroom and bathroom for their daughter.

My brother's family did the same thing a few years back. Matthew, my nephew, was born with a very rare condition – a missing brain stem. The addition built for Matthew changed my brother's family's life.

The Trimarchis couldn't afford hiring even an architect, so Charlie LaGanga stepped in to give a helping hand. He found an architect, builders and craftspeople to donate materials or their expertise. He also made sure Alexia had an especially equipped van.

Altogether, with LaGanga at the helm, 22 companies and experts pitched in.

What I love about this story is that Charles LaGranga brought so many people together. He was the center of all the work, visiting the construction site regularly and loves talking about everyone who pitched in.

His current name is a testament to his legacy.

‘Charles LaGranga' adds up to 32 in the ancient Chaldean system I use for current names.

This is a highly fortunate number guaranteeing help from others and tremendous magnetic power. Amazingly, changing just one letter in the spelling of your name can make the world your oyster.

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