It's not often
a head-of-state gets a bloody nose and broken teeth while signing autographs.


That's exactly what happened yesterday to Prime Minister of
Italy – Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi also happens to be a billyonaire who is
the proprietor of three television channels, numerous global digital channels
and several large news-magazines.


These account for around half the media in Italy. So he
certainly knows how to get elected, having accomplish the feat three times.


Thing is, his life has often been mired in controversy. Things
have especially come to a head in 2009.


Yesterday he was assaulted and injured at a rally in Milan
by a man who launched a replica statue of the Milan Cathedral at him.


The numbers tell a fascinating story, as usual.


Silvio Berlusconi was born on the 29th, giving
him an air of mastery. His interest in media is confirmed by his 3 Life Purpose
and 6 Destiny – both numbers of self expression to the public.


Berlusconi's Life Purpose is interesting – it adds up to
39/12/3. His verbal blunders have caused backlashes – both to him and the
people he talked about. This is confirmed in the 12/3 frequency which can
represent the victim or victimizer.


Combining the 29 and the 12/3 certainly can result in an odd
sense of humor – his strange outbursts are legendary.


This combo also points to the possibility of power and/or
victim issues with women.


His current name adds another powerful frequency to the


‘Silvio Berlusconi' adds up to 13/4. This name always will
attract the unknown and unexpected.


It will also attract fateful events, especially in
combination with other 4s and 8s. This is because 4s and 8s have a magnetic
attraction between them that is unique.


Well, Berlusconi ALSO happens to be in a 31/4 Personal Year
right now. 


There have been many incidents in 2009 during which the
combination of his 31/4 cycle and 13/4 name have activated fateful events.


Remember, it is Berlusconi's past actions that set off the quality
of these numbers recipes.


Earlier this year his wife Veronica Lario announced she was
filing for divorce following her husband's attendance at a girl's 18th birthday
party. She claimed that Berlusconi had not attended his own sons' 18th birthday
parties, and that she ‘cannot remain with a man who consorts with minors' and
‘is not well'.


And during the major L'Aquila earthquake this past April,
which caused more than 290 deaths, Berlusconi said to the people left homeless
by the earthquake – they should just see it as a camping weekend.


As it happens, yesterday, when Berlusconi's nose and some
teeth were broken, was December 13th.


So yes, numbers never act in a vacuum. They activate a
particular way depending on your current name and birth blueprint and your past


For Berlusconi, this year has definitely been confronting. What
occurred yesterday was a physical manifestation of a very unexpected event. Number
13 is associated with power, which may not be used for selfish reasons. For
Berlusconi, this may have been a warning.


Your numbers assist you in finding balance in your life – by
choosing good locations to live, a fortunate current name, and giving you
wonderful clues and tips about your current cycles.


My holiday sale is continuing a short while longer. It's a
great time to discover your numbers.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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