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Last night while up late the wind
was blowing and snow was falling, I turned on the radio.


What was playing was a beautiful
lullaby performed and composed by the incredible percussionist Evelyn Glennie.


has been profoundly deaf since age 12. However, this has never inhibited her
ability to perform at the international level. She usually plays barefoot for
both live performances and studio recordings, so she can feel the music.


I have met
her and seen her live – and she is a sight and sound to behold.


Evelyn Glennie
contends that deafness is largely misunderstood. She has taught herself to hear
with parts of her body other than her ears.


Her ability
to hear on all levels is embodied in the letters of her name.


GLENNIE has four ‘E's and three ‘N's' – letters which are represented by the
number 5.


symbolizes the 5 senses.


Isn't it
amazing that 7 out of 13 letters resonate to this number.  She was born to hear with ALL her 5


Just as
amazing is that her full birth name contains 11 of the number 5 letters.


I do
believe that we choose the name we are born with in order to fulfill our Life
Purpose and Destiny.


Glennie certainly proves that.


Have a
look at your birth name and current name using the Pythagorean system and see
what numbers are represented – or not.


One of the most wonderful gifts
you can give yourself and others is the gift of self-understanding.


In the Personal
Numerology Blueprint your complete birth information is explained in greatest


Now you
can order your blueprint at a greatly discounted Holiday Sale rate – only available
for a brief time. This indispensable document includes your ‘Is My Name
Fortunate' report. As a gift. You will treasure both for all your life.

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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