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I love happy stories. A couple
nights ago I watched one unfold on the show ‘Secret Millionaire'. A friend had
told me about it.


On the first episode, wealthy
business owner Dani Johnson went undercover for a week while secretly living on
welfare in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is supposed to give away part of her
wealth to several people who were helping to make their community a better


The show touched me deeply.


From Ellen and Helen's ‘Love Kitchen'
to the ‘Joy of Music' school – where kids are given the instruments and teachers
so they can excel and leave their poverty-stricken world – I was uplifted and
inspired by the power of love.


Dani Johnson is remarkable. She is
leaving a legacy behind. She created her empire from scratch and is giving back
to communities worldwide.


People who empower others to
succeed remind me of the quote:


‘By their Actions you shall know


How appropriate that her current
name, ‘Dani Johnson', resonates to a 17/8.


17/8 is the ‘Immortality' Number.
People with a 17 prominently placed in their birth blueprint will always leave
a legacy behind. Often they have to overcome major obstacles first. That is the
nature of the number 8. It gives you tremendous strength – yet that strength
must be used positively in order to reap the immense benefits.


How amazing to find out Dani's
episode was filmed while she experienced her 8 Personal Year – activating her
amazingly powerful 17 name.


Keep in mind that people born on a
4 or 8 Day – like the 26th or 13th – or have a 4 or 8
Life Purpose Number, should not use a current name that adds up to 4 or 8. Combining
more than one 4 or 8 with each other usually attracts fateful events.


Since Dani Johnson was born on the
2nd of March, 1966, she has a 30/3 Life Purpose and a 2 Day of Birth.
Without a 4 or 8 in her birthday, she benefits greatly from her 17/8 name.


And so does the world.


Dani just entered her 9 Personal
Year. During a 9 cycle you reap what you have sown the previous eight years.
She is culminating her 9-year cycle on a grand scale. And with her 3 Life Purpose
interacting with her 9 Year, she will be able to express her humanitarian
spirit on a grand scale.


Your numbers guide you constantly.


All you need to do is implement
them positively – and thrive.


Warmest Regards,



P.S. Begin manifesting
your personal numbers now. You have many options when it comes to discovering
your numerology.

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