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athletes are in the news this morning. Michael Phelps and Michael Vick.


Olympic gold medal swimming champion Michael Phelps was
involved in a traffic accident last night in Baltimore, Maryland, but was


Former quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons,
Michael Vick was
freed from federal prison after a dogfighting-related conviction. In a
controversial decision, the Philadephia Eagles have signed him to play for
their team after Atlanta didn't want him back. He starts today.


Vick sees this as his second chance. Interestingly his name
“Michael Vick” gives him the rare quality to learn from past mistakes. It also
gives him the strength to overcome disappointments from earlier in his life.


‘Michael Vick' adds up to 25/7


However, this number is not one I recommend for most of my
clients. The reason – financial success is hard to come by with a 25/7 current
name. Also, with his 26 Day of Birth he needs a more fortunate name.


Note that, aside from participating in dog fighting and
going to prison, Michael Vick filed for bankruptcy in July 2008.


He was in a 31/4 Personal Month the month he filed. Amazingly
this was SAME current cycle he had when he was convicted in August, 2007.


Why is this important. Michael Vick was born on a powerful
26/8 Day. With this number you attract both leadership and abundance as well as
fateful events. Happily the fated quality of both numbers 4 and 8 can be
balanced out by having a highly fortunate current name.


When Michael Vick filed for bankruptcy and was arrested, all
these events happened during 4 personal cycles in his life. Since numbers 4 and
8 have a fateful magnetic attraction to each other he could be helped immensely
if he re-spelled his name to ‘Mikael Vick' a powerful 10/1 name. Another great
choice for him is ‘Mike Vick' – an amazingly fortunate 24/6 current name.


Another clue I noticed is that August 2009 is a 33/6
Personal Month for Vick. Fabulous for getting the finances rolling again, AND
activating his 78/15/6 Destiny Number. In other words, his 6 cycle right now is
triggering his 6 career number.


As for Michael Phelps, he happens to share more than a first
name with Michael Vick.


Both super athletes have a 32/5 Life Purpose showing
tremendous leadership, fearlessness, and a taste for adventure and risk. People
with major 5s often have unexpected events in their lives.


So when I heard Phelps was in a car accident I wanted to
check his cycles. Yesterday, August 13 was a 32/5 Personal Day for him.
Unexpected events like accidents are a always a possibility depending on your
state of mind.


Since 5 also symbolizes Freedom, it's no surprise that
Michael Vick was released from prison on May 20, 2009 – a 32/5 Personal Day for
him showing another side of this active, freedom-loving number.


By the way, both Michaels will always want to experience
everything they can, travel and explore the five senses with their 32/5 Life
Purpose. Adventure and Freedom can reflect in your life however you choose to
experience them. Including smoking pot for Phelps and gambling with dogs for


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Your current name is also so important. It
shows you HOW your birth blueprint is activated. Make SURE you and your loved
ones have a fortunate current name.


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