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Is anyone else surprised by Jerry
Brown's announcement last month that he's running for Arnold's governor seat in


I was, until I looked at his
personal cycles for 2010.


Mystery solved.


All three of his important birth
numbers are fully activated this year.


Jerry Brown has a 32/5 Life
Purpose. This shows why he loves adventure, risk, crowds – and politics. The
ancient Chaldeans called 32/5 the ‘Politician's Number.'


2010 just so happens to be a 14/5
Personal Year for Brown.


14/5 lights up his Life Purpose of
32/5. I refer to 14 as the MEDIA number. So Brown, a former governor, will
fulfill his Life Purpose to be in the media spotlight this year.


Jerry Brown's Destiny number –
derived from his birth name – is an 81/9. This is a powerful leadership number.
Notice that 9 x 9 = 81, giving Brown a special magnetism and a humanitarian outlook.


Yes, a big ego can accompany a
strong 9 Destiny as well.


Note that Brown turns 72 years old
in April – the age he'll be during the November election.


So his age this year fully
activates his Destiny.


His third important birth number,
Brown's Day of Birth on the 7th, is ALSO triggered in November 2010.
It will be a 34/7 Personal Month for Jerry Brown.


When you look at the full recipe
being activated for him this year, it's clear that Jerry Brown is set up really
well to win the election.


Everyone is affected by personal



Recently I wrote about Conan
O'Brien's 16/7 Personal Year in 2010. It means that he must take a sabbatical
this year and attend to his inner life and health. Often, when someone isn't
willing to take time off, it will be enforced by outside circumstance.


For Conan this is definitely the
case. And there's an extra twist to his numbers.


His current name – ‘Conan O'Brien' – adds up to 16/7.

16 current names usually indicate
a person with a crown on his or her head – who reaches success – only to be
later ‘struck by lightning and fall from a high place.'


So Conan's 16/7 Personal Year
right now fully activates his current name number on a deep level.


I read a headline recently titled
NBC/Leno Keep Erasing All Trace of Conan'.

It mentions how the network and O'Brien's
Tonight Show replacement, Jay Leno, are sweeping any memory of Conan under the
rug – even removing from Hulu and NBC websites EVERY single Tonight Show that Conan ever


This is a sure sign that his
current name number is being triggered this year.


As for Jerry Brown, he benefits
from a powerful 33/6 current name number. Interestingly, 33/6 is associated
with a possibility of martyrdom – a definite tendency in Brown.


But it is a highly fortunate
number and will help him achieve his goals.


Make sure your current name isn't
causing you unnecessary difficulties. Unlike astrology, YOU have the power in
hour hands. You can decide on your current name.


Find out whether your current name is
supporting you.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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