The other night I was talking to a
friend and she brought up three words that helped me shift my perspective in an


She said, ‘Tania, what if you Act
As If you were the person you are having a challenge with.'


That stopped me in my tracks. All
I said was, ‘WOW'.


I appreciated her fearlessness. Her
suggestion came at just the right moment for me. I experienced the ‘Act as if' call
to action and felt a tremendous, indescribable feeling of Love. I felt at one,
I felt united. In that moment I released all feelings that caused division, and


I asked myself, what if I ‘act as
if' I was connected to everyone and everything.


Would there be war? Could pain be
inflicted then? Would there be jealousy, worry, pressure, anger? Would there be


Would there be fear?


And I saw each time that the
answer is No.


You would instead feel completely
at one with the person, with the experience. You would shift from ego-centered
separation – a division from All – to being soul-centered – experiencing no
separation, because you are one with All.


So I looked up the numerological
equation revealed in those three words – ‘Act As If.'


I discovered that the word ‘Love'
resonates to the same number as the words ‘Act as if', in the ancient Chaldean
system of numerology.


Love, our greatest inner resource,
is unconditional.


‘Act as if' connects you to each
person instantly, making you ONE. It is impossible to impose conditions on Love
when you are One.


So it makes perfect sense that
‘Love' and the call to ‘Act as if' resonate to the same frequency – 21/3.


There is an amazing equation
revealed in 21/3.


2 is about you and another. 2
symbolizes all your relationships and the law of opposites – the duality of
life. The theory of relativity is based on the fact that, in order to see light
you must see its opposite, darkness.


1 is the number of ONE-ness.
Unity, “I”, Wholeness, the Beginning of Life.


3 is Perfection – Creativity – the
Creator within us.


So when you ‘act as if' you were
another person and experience Love, 2 becomes 1. You enter the realm of Creative
Perfection – 3.


In other words, what you give to
others, you give to yourself. Because, in truth, we are all ONE.


This is a beautiful and sacred equation.


The word ‘Truth' also resonates to


God is all one. The universe is a
living, breathing, miraculous creation.


God, or whatever you want to name
the universal spirit, is All That Is. God is Everything – Every experience,
Every feeling, Every thought. God does not judge. God Is.


However, since we live in physical
reality, we are faced with understanding opposites – hot and cold, closed and
open, revealed and hidden, sharing with others and hoarding, harming and
healing – love and fear.


In other words, in order to
experience love, we had to experience what love is Not.


This is the real meaning of the
number 2 – to understand opposites without judgment. It is the number of
diplomacy, communication and mediation. Once you know what
love is Not, you can fully embrace love. Because you have been made aware of
its opposite.


2 becomes 1. Experiencing 2 merging with 1 creates
the number 21.


When you add the 2 + 1 you
experience the trinity of number 3 – Divine Creativity. 3 gives you the freedom
to Create Love – or not. It is up to you.


For it is in the moment to moment
Creation of your life that you experience these two numbers – 2 and 1.


Neither number is more important than
the other. They are tools to help us understand who we are. It is important to
remember, that in order to experience Love, we must know its opposite Fear.
Then we have a choice about what to create.


Create the life you want.


To help you elevate your life, be
sure you understand and utilize the great messages revealed in your personal
birth numbers. What do your frequencies mean? What energy is your current name


Most importantly, how can your
personal numbers help you Be who you want to be.


Know your numbers and become aware
of who you are.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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