Changing one letter in a name can make all the difference. Even adding a letter to a name will create a totally new Destiny Vibration.
It’s really not like including a new ingredient to a recipe. I liken it to creating a whole new dish, because, by changing or adding one letter, the resulting number vibration is a completely different ball of wax.
A fascinating example is actor, producer, screenwriter and director Warren Beatty, who added a ‘T’ to his given name Warren Beaty.
What a difference a T makes. It gave him the power and abundance befitting an executive.
But first, let’s look at Beatty’s Life Purpose Number derived from his birthday. He has a 26/8 – the vibration of abundance and power. Beatty’s birthname, Henry Warren Beaty adds up to a 4 Destiny.
4 describes a steady worker, someone who is by nature cautious and enjoys order and stability. A conventional, conservative person who could be missing the intuitive link. So, you get the picture – this is a quiet person who enjoys steady growth and contemplation. It does not for one second describe the energetic and politically incorrect Warren Beatty.
So what if he had gone by the name Warren Beaty, without the extra “T.” The destiny for that name would have described a counselor and teacher, someone who enjoys the sciences, the law and the military. Not quite the fit for Beatty.
Now let’s look at the name with the T added. His chosen name, Warren Beatty, resonates to a 53/8. Immediately I noticed the root number 8 – it is a perfect match to his Life Purpose Number, also an 8. The 53 Destiny suits him to a tee. It describes a person who knows he has a lot to accomplish and for whom no effort is too great, no obstacle too difficult. He likes authority and knows how to assert it – if he’s not careful, he can come off as tyrannical. Another quality of this vibration is that no detail escapes his notice.
Beatty is known to control Every facet of production, including cast, script and final cut of the film. He’s done this throughout his career. Even in the movie Bugsy, it was Beatty the producer who had final cut on the film, not Barry Levinson, the director.
So, by changing his name from Henry Warren Beaty to Warren Beatty with the added ‘T’, he tapped into a powerful number – one that complements and supports his Life Purpose.
Famous Scottish poet Robert Burns pulled a reverse Warren Beatty. He removed a letter from his birth name, which was Robert Burnes with an extra “E.” By removing the E Burns assured himself success. In fact, his new name added up to a 53/8, just like Beatty’s. And, believe it or not, he ALSO had a 4 Destiny with his given name, again, just like Beatty.
These patterns have emerged over and over again in my 24 years as a Pythagorean Numerologist. Once you notice a pattern that works, as exemplified with the two above examples, it’s important to pay attention. Because numbers don’t lie.
Many of my clients have chosen versions of their name after consulting me, with tremendous results. And I’m not just talking authors, actors and business people, but folks from all walks of life.
Tuning into the energies that propel your life is crucial to your success. Once you KNOW what your name signifies, life takes on a new significance and meaning. Knowing your Destiny is akin to activating it. Once it’s conscious, once it’s confirmed, it’s like receiving the green light to fulfill your dreams.
Take hold of your Destiny Now and reap the results for a lifetime.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
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