Last Friday evening I turned on the news in my Tampa hotel room. Two things got my attention.
Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and Ann Coulter telling CNBC’s Donny Deutsch that Christians ‘just want Jews to be perfected.’
I wanted to know more about these two people, so I looked at each of their numbers. Amazing info emerged – no surprise there.
Ann Coulter’s name adds up to 41/5 in the Chaldean system. 41 and 14 amplify all media-related matters. Coulter is a poster-child for using the media to her advantage. Bad publicity, good publicity – no matter. She wants it, and gets it. Her remarks make ‘good television’, according to pundits.
Her latest faux pas, of course, is helping to make her latest book a bestseller once again. Coulter’s number 41 name helps her tremendously – the public is magnetically drawn or repulsed by her. Either way, they can’t get enough. She’s noticed.
There is a strong pattern of change with 14 and 41, but the gains and losses are temporary. So people may be angry at her today, and go out next week to buy her book. Just out o curiosity. That’s what this number does. Coulter can gamble, and that includes taking a gamble on her verbiage – yet she’ll usually, but not always, remain unscathed.
However, there is a warning with this number.
Overconfidence to the point of arrogance will reverse this fortunate vibration. Coulter, at some point, may be guided to hold her tongue, in order not to fall prey to truly negative results. Being outrageous to the point of repugnancy will stop people from laughing – and turn away.
Moving from Ann to Nobel Peace Prize Winning author Al Gore.
Gore’s name resonates to a less fortunate number. I wasn’t surprised he lost the Presidential race to George W. Bush, The President’s name is far more fortunate.
Gore’s name number signifies education on every level, from physical to spiritual. Since losing to Bush, Gore has amassed a wealth of knowledge on the effects of global warming. As his name vibration suggests, Gore had to sacrifice politics in order to reinvent himself as another kind of leader. Since he paid attention to his spiritual and intuitive education he was ultimately successful.
Gore sacrificed his personal goals in order to help someone else, namely Bill Clinton, achieve his ambitions. But with a 29/11 Life Purpose Number, Gore is a leader by nature. Al never was meant to be in an subordinate position.
He’s finally fulfilled his deep desire to lead.
Gore’s Day of Birth Number, 31, signifies not so much a President, but a genius and deep thinker. Thus, his withdrawal from politics was the best thing he could have done. I don’t think Al Gore will ever run for President again. Unless he takes on bad advice – a challenge anyone with his name number has to watch for.
Both Ann Coulter and Al Gore are very different types of people. Whether you dislike one or both of them matters not. Their numbers speak volumes about who they are and what feel compelled to do.
Numbers are impartial. They speak the truth and nothing but the truth.
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With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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