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Charlie Sheen got very emotional
on a radio interview yesterday. It's making big headlines today on the major
news networks.


Emotional outbursts are something
Sheen is known for. Now they are being directed back at him.


Well, it's not surprising then that
Sheen is in an emotional 15/6 Personal Year.


Sheen is being asked for focus on
home and family matters. He has a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and
responsibility this year. Big decisions are on the table, which will help to
release him from limitations. If he does not step up to the plate, he'll be
challenged big time to make changes.


As a result of his interview
yesterday, his hit TV show ‘Two and a Half Men', has been put on hiatus.


You probably noticed already –
yesterday was February 24, a 6 Universal Day.


Well Sheen's big lesson is to
reign in his powerful emotions, so that he can express his feelings positively.
He is meant to uplift others with his creative self-expression.


Here is the key. His 15/6 Personal
Year is magnified by his birth numbers.


Sheen happens to have ALL three of
his important birth numbers in the 3-6-9 emotional triad. So his emotions will
always be right on the surface.


Not only that, Charlie has one
Each of the numbers 3, 6 and 9.


In addition to his 3 Day of Birth
and 90/9 Destiny, Sheen was born with a 33/6 Life Purpose Number. 33 adds up to
6 and is a Master Number blessing Sheen with a magnetic presence and a great
ability to attract abundance. However, the double 3 can attract major drama as


So Sheen thrives on using his
voice, performing, is highly creative, impulsive, compassionate, prone to mood
swings, can avoid responsibility, needs attention, can be interfering,
dramatic, aimless, giving and born to lead.


A potent mix, made more dramatic
by his celebrity lifestyle.


Since 2011 is a year where ALL is
magnified and brought to the surface, it's no surprise we are seeing so many
people and countries, including celebrities and politicians, taking issues to
the limit right now.


With all his fame and success, why
is there so much upheaval in Sheen's life. The answer lies in his current name.


‘Charlie Sheen' adds up to 43/7.


43 names were considered most
unfortunate by the ancients. They are symbolized by a life of obstacles and the
tendency toward strife and conflict.


Add the highly challenging 43 name
to Sheen's magnetic 3-6-9 emotional triad, and it's not surprising the actor
keeps getting himself into volatile emotional situations.


If Charlie Sheen changed his name
to a fortunate spelling, he would create a new positive frequency in his life. A
fortunate name would attract the support he needs to release his feelings in a
positive way.


It all starts with one small step.
Once you commit to a positive life, there is no looking back.





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get them all answered in a special one-on-one call with me.


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