Last Sunday I noticed Jon Stewart talking about Angelina Jolie during the Oscars – and she wasn’t even there. Talk about worldwide media attention.
Supposedly Brad Pitt has asked for Angelina’s hand in marriage numerous times. He’s even said publicly he would get married in a heartbeat if she agreed. I think Brad may get his wish this year.
2008 is a 2 Personal Year for Angelina. So she’ll need to slow down and pay attention to her friends and family. Expecting a child certainly will fits into her current cycle. This is what a 2 year is all about – taking stock, resting and nurturing relationships – especially with children and partners.
As for Brad – 2008 is going to be a year to remember.
For most people 22/4 is an awesome year. For Pitt – well, have a look at his Life Purpose and Destiny Numbers. BOTH of them are 4s. When a Personal Blueprint aligns with someone’s Personal Year, as it is for Pitt, it is huge. In this case the phenomenon is doubled.
And since 22 is usually a fantastic Personal Year to begin with, I think his dream to tie the knot with Jolie will come true.
You may wonder why I say ‘usually.’ Because you need to play a part in accepting and activating a good number when it appears in your life. If you are already a goal and success-oriented person, this won’t be an issue. Brad Pitt strikes me as someone who takes advantage of opportunities. He doesn’t come across as a lazy type.
Brad Pitt also has a 17/8 name – the wonderful Immortality Number. Remember the 4 and 8 connection is magnetic and fateful. So even his 8 current name resonates with his 4 Personal Year in 2008. His name has clearly eased the way to success.
While we’re talking good names, I have to mention Angelina Jolie’s. Hers adds up to a highly fortunate number too – it happens to be the same as Madonna’s.
It blesses her with a promise of command and authority. It brings a high likelihood of great rewards when she applies her intellect, imagination and creativity. Just as with Madonna, these qualities sow seeds which reap a rich harvest.
As for how Brangelina’s numbers relate to each other – well, that is a whole nother story and will have to wait for now. I’ll just say, it could go either way.
Thing is, since both of them have such great names, their future is in good hands. Madonna has had her share of relationships – but she always bounces back and keeps exploring what she loves to do – while building a fortune at the same time. Her good name helps her immensely.
Most highly successful people receive help from others – Donald Trump swears by Feng Shui, Joe Vitale travels with a Vedic Astrologer, and the royal houses of the world have consulted intuitives for centuries.
Knowing whether your name resonates to a fortunate number is one of the surest ways to activate your destiny with ease AND speed.
Go now and get the Is My Name Fortunate? document. Or invest in your Personal Numerology Blueprint which includes your current name report.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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