He's known as Tony Robbins. And
Anthony Robbins. Lately, he is gravitating more towards the latter version of
his name.


So which name is best for him?


Luckily for Tony/Anthony Robbins, neither
name adds up to a challenging number.


‘Tony Robbins' resonates to 30/3, describing someone who
thrives on meditation. He can make thoughtful deductions, has retrospection and
a mental superiority over others.


In a current name, 30/3 is a neutral number – it can be
fortunate or not. It all depends on your desire.
30 is all-powerful, as well as indifferent.


Often people with a 30 current name lead a
solitary life where their great intellectual gifts develop something worthwhile
for the world. Such as write ideas, which may change how people live and think.


This is exactly what Tony Robbins has done – created
his own self-help empire.


And since 30 reduces to 3 – the number of self
expression – he is on stages everywhere talking about his self-help ideas.


Now he's using the name ‘Anthony Robbins' more – a
decision that lines up perfectly with his goals.


‘Anthony Robbins' resonates to 23/5 and symbolizes
‘The Royal Star of the Lion'. This is a very powerful and fortunate frequency. No
other number can challenge the lion's strength and win.


Since 23 reduces to 5, there is a direct
connection to the Media.


For Anthony Robbins', this is good news.
Especially since he turned 50 this year and 50 reduces to 5. So, in 2010 he is
activating his lion's strength AND his magnetic connection to the media by
virtue of his age and his name.


Amazingly, there is more. Look at the following
recipe being activated in Robbins' life right now.


July 2010 is a 23/5 Personal Month for Robbins.


And today, his big launch day, is a 32/5
Personal Day for him.



You can't have a more a more perfect numbers'
recipe to air a new primetime show on network television.


I have to say, self-help guru Anthony Robbins
has helped himself tremendously by choosing July 27, 2010 to launch his biggest
project yet.


When you plan a big event, you want all your
numbers to line up in a positive way. That includes your name, the date of the
event and, if appropriate, the location and address as well.


Numbers will always help you to plan your


Move into your future now by
knowing how your personal frequencies interact with your current life.


Your Next 12 Months'
is a perfect guide for your next year. Always keep it handy for
balance and peace of mind.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


If you can do just one thing, make sure your current name adds up to a
fortunate number. This will help you steer away from unnecessary challenges and
attract positive people and situations into your life.

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