Steve Jobs.jpgSteve Jobs returned to work as CEO of Apple yesterday, after a long absence. Turns out he had a liver transplant two months ago.

His last major health scare, surgery for pancreatic cancer, occurred in 2004.

Both 2009 and 2004 were turning points for him personally.

In 2004, Jobs was in a 14/5 Personal Year. 5 Years fall in right in the middle of your nine-year cycle, so they can often be pivot points. Since 5 is a number about change, adventure, risk, movement and unexpected events, unforeseen experiences often occur during this cycle.

For Jobs, the number 5 is especially significant since it ties directly into his 10/1 Life Purpose and 10/1 Destiny. 1 and 5 form a trilogy with the number 7. So Jobs will always experience major events during 1, 5 and 7 cycles.

His secret liver transplant took place earlier this year in April down in Memphis, Tennessee.

Amazingly, April was a 5 Personal Month for him.

He returned back to Apple yesterday. June is a 7 Personal Month for Jobs.

And 2009 just so happens to be a 1 Personal Year for the CEO of Apple.

This means his whole life is undergoing tremendous changes. Every time you begin a new nine-year cycle, like Jobs is in 2009, you're going to releasing old emotional, mental and physical baggage. You are at a culmination point – a big transition.

So a brand new liver gives Jobs a new lease on life just in time to start a brand new 9-year cycle.

The number 10/1, so dominant in Steve Jobs' Personal Numerology Blueprint is reflected in his company's birth as well. Apple Computer Inc, was founded on April 1, 1976. That gives Apple a 28/10/1 Life Purpose Number.

Yes, it's EXACTLY the SAME Life Purpose Number Steve Jobs has.

Since Apple was born on a 1 Day, this innovative company ALSO has a double 1 – again exactly like Steve Jobs.

Amazingly Jobs returned back to work yesterday – a 36/9 Personal Day for the CEO. It's the very same number that his current name ‘Steve Jobs' resonates to.

I always chuckle at his last name, ‘Jobs' – since his company has helped to create so many. Apple computers have especially enabled creative types to manifest their ideas with fun and ease. I'm writing this to you on one right now.

I wish Steve Jobs the best as he transitions back to leading one of my favorite companies, Apple Computers.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. I'll have a major announcement for you shortly, so stay tuned to this blog.

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