Last night I told my Inner Circle about some of my latest discoveries. A connection that ties into Inauguration Day especially struck me.

I'll be writing more about Inauguration Day on Monday.

While preparing for the teleseminar yesterday I checked for breaking news online and read Ricardo Montalban had passed away. Then I learned Steve Jobs was taking a six months leave from Apple.

I remember ‘Fantasy Island' from way back when and always liked Montalban. As I explained recently with Paul Newman, the day someone passes away reveals much about the person's life as well.

Ricardo Montalban died during his 21/3 Personal Year.

Amazingly, his Life Purpose is 21/3 and he has a 3 Destiny Number. His Personal Day was 27/9 which also ties directly into the 3-6-9 trilogy of his birth numbers. So yesterday was a wonderful confirmation of a fulfilled life Most likely Montalban was at peace – the 21/3 is a stunning and beautiful connections to his Personal Numerology Blueprint. Just like Paul Newman had in September.

As for Steve Jobs – he has to be careful.

Last year when his health troubles became public, Jobs was in an 18/9 Personal Year. 18 cycles will prompt you to pay attention to your health, sleep more and be careful about your diet.

Now Jobs has started a whole new 9-year cycle. He's in a 19/1 Personal Year. From my many years as a Celebrity Numerologist, I have found that big changes, including any challenging health conditions, can flare during 9 and 1 cycles. This is because you are at a culmination point – a big transition.

So it's good to hear Steve Jobs is taking time off.

Plus, Jobs has a 10/1 Life Purpose AND a 10/1 Destiny Number. This is a highly important year for him.

On a personal note, I love my Apple computers and want this innovate company to keep going strong. So I checked Apple's numbers as well.

Here's one incredible connection I uncovered. Apple Computer Inc, was founded on April 1, 1976. The Bicentennial year. That gives Apple a 28/10/1 Life Purpose Number. Well, guess who shares the exact same number.

Steve Jobs.

Since Apple was born on the 1st, this innovative company also has a double 1 – again EXACTLY like Apple's founder.

2009 will be challenging for Apple. The Personal Year is 16/7 – sudden events and the possibility of a fall from a high place. The news about Jobs' health problems fit into this picture.

Steve Jobs does have a fantastic current name in his favor. Let's hope it helps this highly creative man to continue his legacy.

Find out how Your cycles connect to your personal numbers. This is invaluable information that will allow you to live 2009 to the fullest extent possible.

Go to your 2009 Blueprint.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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