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I am a big Apple fan and love
my iPhone, especially when traveling. I still have my 2007 version and will be
upgrading eventually – but not to the current iPhone 4.


After breaking Apple's sales
records with a spectacular release on June 24, there have been untypical
glitches concerning this model, in particular the antenna.


Let's look at what the
numbers reveal.


Apple Computer has an 8
Destiny number – very appropriate considering the company's incredible success.
8 is about wealth, executive leadership and overcoming obstacles.


Yes, Apple will overcome this
uncharacteristic glitch, but it won't be effortless.


Here's why.


The latest iPhone uses the
number 4, AND the iPhone 4 was released during an 8 Personal Year for Apple.


Yes, the powerful 8 cycle
does explain why the launch broke all records. 1.7 milliyon sold in the first
three days – a number that also reduces to 8.


However, since then there
have been problems.


This is no surprise during an
8 cycle, which will bring up hurdles. 8 is all about building strength.


However, there is another big
dynamic at play here as well.


The iPhone 4 is being
released in Apple's 8 Personal  Year
– a combination that sets up an fateful relationship.  This is because numbers 4 and 8 have a
magnetic attraction to each other that often
cause difficulties.


For this reason alone I would
not have advised Apple to release a product sporting the number 4 in an 8
Personal year.


Even Apple's shares have
fallen 8 percent since the iPhone came out.


Notice that Apple's previous
phones had either no number, or were followed by the number 3 – iPhone 3G and
iPhone 3GS. This is significant because Number 3 signifies communication,
perfection and social interaction. Exactly what you want to project for a phone
and email device.


Contrast that to the number 4
which symbolizes grounding, discipline, and work. It is a slower number requiring
patience as you take things step by step.


Patience is definitely
on the agenda for Apple and all iPhone customers right now.


The image of the number 4
also looks like a divining rod or antenna, used to find water in the ground.
Well, the issue with this phone IS the antenna.


The iPhone 4 is a great
example of how numerology equations come to life. In the same way, your birth
numbers, name and current cycles create a powerful dynamic that is always
activated in all areas of your life.


At my ‘Scan Your Life'
seminar in October you will learn how to use your birth frequencies to find
instant solutions to big questions.


Want to learn how to
consciously create the best outcome in your life?


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Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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