Get ready! Venus Retrograde is in full swing now through mid April – along with four additional retrogrades!

This is a powerful retrograde intensification!

  • We already have Jupiter retrograde in Libra (since Feb. 5).
  • Venus is retrograde in Aries (since March 4) and soon slipping into the final degrees of Pisces.
  • Saturn stations retrograde in a few days.
  • Soon Mercury will be retrograde.
  • And Pluto follows thereafter…

Retrogrades (and this goes for any planet) activate an area in your life where you are blocked – where your potential is not fully blossomed. It's the perfect time to review that area of your life!

Retrogrades make you conscious about all the unconscious choices you’ve made.

They allow you to investigate patterns you have unknowingly taken on in order to cope with adversity earlier in your life.

Take Jupiter retrograding in Libra… Jupiter in general is all about your confidence and feeling like you can accomplish more. In Libra, Jupiter is asking you what attitudes are framing your experiences of intimacy? Is there an equal exchange between you and others?

Then, when you add the Retrograde of Jupiter in Libra you want to see any patterns that may be preventing you from experiencing deep love…

Could it be that your self worth comes from being needed by people, thus creating a co-dependency that prevents you from sharing an equal energy exchange in your partnerships?

If so, this Jupiter retrograde is a time you’ll be discovering what an inter-dependent relationship looks like. Where no one parents the other. Where you are both adults, not dependent on each other, but vulnerable and open with each other.  Where you realize you don’t need the other to complete you, because you are already whole.

This is how Jupiter retrograde in Libra might look to you.

ANY retrograding planet brings up what is not completely conscious.

Venus, the planet your values, love and abundance, is retrograding in two signs – Aries (right now) and Pisces (by early April).

Venus retrograde in Aries has been asking – when it is worth your while to be the warrior?

Especially when it comes to love and money?

To defend your boundaries, your values!

In Pisces Venus retrograde will be encouraging you to explore the intrinsic worth of spirituality – are you valuing meditation, mysticism and the presence of miracles in your daily life?

No doubt about it, April’s Retrograde cycles are a pivotal turning point in 2017… So, of course there is much more to share… we haven’t even touched on Mercury, Saturn and Pluto retrogrades… and all the transits between planetary bodies, or the amazing numbers codes yet!

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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