images-2August is the month of passion and courage.

With many opportunities coming your way next month (especially after that Blue Moon on July 31!), I want you to be aware of a very important number:

August will be a 16/7 Universal Month.

16 is a number of contradictions. On the one hand 16 symbolizes the brilliance of your mind. But this number is infused with the unexpected. 16 wants you to trust your heart. To be at one, in tune, with your intuition. Listening to your inner voice ensures that you BENEFIT from the shifts that this powerful “Awakening” number inevitably brings.

Know that you may be tempted to analyze instead of feel.

But.. your mind plays games. Your mind is totally attached to preconceived outcomes. It can't venture into the unknown.

The mind can only contemplate the known.

Yes, your mind can decipher your intuitive hits. But only your heart can FEEL in order to receive the actual messages.

Under the number 16 influence in August, all messages will come to you as out-of-the-blue intuitive hits – lightning strikes of Awareness!

The mind is not adventurous, it's cautious.

The heart isn't cautious. Your heart doesn't think, calculate and analyze until it's totally sure there are no risks. Only the mind does that.

When you laugh, you’re not thinking things through first – you’re fully engaged with your feelings… and just begin to laugh – freely! However, Laughing may make you appear foolish, right?

Same goes with crying.

These authentic feelings come from the HEART.

By laughing or weeping your only risk is – absolute total engagement.

Your risk is exposing your feelings.

And it's inevitable with any risk…that you may be rejected.

Being passionate about anything or anyone is to risk not being rewarded in return.

To love, you risk not being loved back.

And to move forward in the face of challenges, is to risk failing.

But… without stepping out of your comfort zone, you face the greatest danger of your life: When you risk nothing, nothing happens. Nothing grows.

And this is what the number 16/7, which governs all of August, teaches us.

A person who risks nothing, always ends up having nothing and being nothing.

It’s true that by risking nothing you avoid pain. You do avoid suffering and sorrow. But you also risk not loving, not changing, not feeling and not growing.

It's totally contrary to nature when you don’t put yourself on the line.

The byproduct of taking risk… is ecstasy. Happy people don’t project their fears into the future! They are too engaged with being HAPPY! Feeling, by it’s very nature, is only a present moment activity.

To feel is to be free. To feel is to embrace unknown outcomes.

If you’re certain of any outcome, guess what…You won't ever be happy! With certainty, all vitality and joy are eliminated. Ecstasy is wrapped up in adventure and surprise. Ecstasy transcends time…

Happiness means risking it all. Being fully engaged NOW.

So, risk all to be free.

August will implore you to do so.

Love and Blessings,


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