khloe & Lamar.jpgHere's a question I received recently. It concerns a recent wedding of
two celebrities.


Keeping up with the Kardashians. Khloe and her now husband were talking about
 the number 27. They got married in 9 days. Do you think their marriage
will last.”


I'm not familiar with the show, but I was able to look at Khloe and Lamar
Odom's compatibility.


actually have much in common, so I can see why these two hooked up so fast.


of their three most important number are in Harmony – a very good sign. Plus Khloe
and Lamar also share three of six numbers.


I see this combination I know the marriage can definitely last.


in mind two things.


are celebrities and that means life isn't natural. So keeping a marriage going
can be daunting, which is why so many Hollywood unions fail.


Khloe needs her freedom and may bolt if she feels too tied down.


for the number 27 – it is Khloe's Day of Birth AND the Day their September 27th
Wedding. This is a highly fortunate number. Since Lamar is born on the 6th,
he has an instant connection to Khloe's 27th Day of Birth. This is
because 27 reduces to 9 and both 6 and 9 are part of the 3-6-9 trilogy.


final note about their current names.


Odom' resonates to 33/6 a highly fortunate name. 33 is made even more fortunate
when he is in a harmonious partnership.


has taken on a new name ‘Khloe Kardashian Odom' which adds up to 51/6. This
number is associated with a warrior and promises sudden advancement.


there is a warning of dangerous enemies with a 51 name number. With most of my
clients I feel the glory the 51 promises isn't worth the risk. But for some
celebrities – who don't shy away from controversy – it works. We'll see.


kim kardashian.jpg

we're looking at the importance of current names, the most famous Kardashian
sister – ‘Kim Kardashian' – has a current name number to match her fame. It
adds up to 14/5, the Media Number and shows yet again how your name number can
really help to activate your life in a positive way.


Kim Kardashian's name is helping her get the fame she so wants.


Lamar Odom's
fortunate name number also shows how, in combination with focus and
perseverance, a great name can create tremendous results.


are achieved with far less effort and far more speed when the vibration of your
current name is fortunate.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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