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I often get asked about


Of course ‘knowing' for sure
what exactly will happen to you is an age-old wish. But, what if we all really
‘knew' our future. Would we live our life to the fullest? Would we rise to the
heights we are all capable of reaching?


Predictions are set in stone.
They take away mystery. They remove YOU from the equation.


Forecasts serve a different
purpose. A forecast reveals themes for your coming months and years. A good forecast
includes specifically tailored tools to help you navigate your life to the best
of your ability.


YOU are put into the drivers
seat – not the other way around.


Recently I wrote about Christina
Aguilera's current name, after she forgot the lyrics to part of the national
anthem at this year's Super Bowl.


Aguilera's difficult name number
will influence her life as long as she uses this spelling.


Current names are a kind of
mini-forecast. Your name reveals a trend in your life that is repeated over and
over again.


Since the Super Bowl, Christina
Aguilera has experienced more frustrations. On Monday she was arrested for
public drunkenness. At the Grammy Awards, Christina nearly fell off the stage
at the end of a medley dedicated to Aretha Franklin.


Same goes for Charlie Sheen's
name and so many other people in the news whose names I have talked about over
the years.


Of course, names are just one
part of the forecast equation.


A good forecast confirms what
you already ‘know' on some level. It identifies all current personal and
professional trends and gives you the confidence and balance to succeed.


When psychics or intuitives predict
specifically what is going to happen in your future, they only ‘see' One or Two
possible timelines. In reality there are many timelines connected to each and
every choice you make. This is what makes life so fascinating.


Predictions can even be


A person may seek to fulfill
the prediction, consciously or subconsciously, to the point of ignoring other
options and opportunities that emerge along the way. This can cause a lot of
second-guessing, because – you are not in control, the prediction is.


So predictions are very
powerful, because they can replace your own intuition. In essence they are a form
of mind control.


Nothing is written in stone.
Even understanding your past changes over time.


Listen and weigh any prediction


Especially in 2011.


This year we're all being
prompted to LISTEN to our Intuition, BALANCE our Mind and MANIFEST our goals. 20
and 11 form a perfect balance – 2 and 2. Balance everything you hear this year.
Leave no stone unturned.


You ARE supported in all you do
in 2011. So have no fear to explore and go for it.


The whole point of advisors and
counselors – in any modality – is to identify your points of resistance and give
you the tools for a happy, successful life. Not to make you dependent and take
away your power.


Here is to your happiness in 2011 and beyond.


Warmest Regards,



P.S. Take
advantage of your current cycles by attracting and creating better opportunities

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