Last night a friend told me that it seemed like I didn't like the number 7.

I thought for a moment. Not about the 7, which I like just as much as any other number, but why I gave that impression.

It suddenly dawned on me.

When it comes to CURRENT names and cycles, 7 can often be more challenging. This is partly because many people don't want to or haven't learned how to trust their inner wisdom and use their intuition for answers. When a 7 appears in your life, it demands you slow down, take a deep breath and listen.  

There's another factor that's very important.

When 7s are combined with each other and ACTIVATED in current cycles, this can indicate danger. Often we see the 7 active in prominent people who ‘fall from a high place.'

With so many big events in the last few months, the 7 has appeared more frequently in this newsletter.

For example, Bernie Madoff has a 52/7 current name. When the Ponzi scheme scandal broke in 2008, he was in a 25/7 Personal Year. It was announced today that Madoff will be sentenced on June 16 – a very appropriate 16/7 day.

For Madoff these 7 cycles are manifesting negatively. The choices he made guarantee one thing. When his personal cycles line up with his highly challenging current name – his actions will be exposed.

Note that ousted Illinois governor Rod R. Blagojevich was in a 16/7 month and 25/7 day when he was exposed.

His name also adds up to 52/7. Plus he was celebrating his 52nd birthday.

Again we see how numbers communicate just like musical notes do. Your numbers respond combine with your actions create the music of your life.

There are other numbers like the 7 which can indicate more challenges in current cycles. I say CAN, because much depends on the person, as I'll explain momentarily.

Some of these are – 12/3, 13/4, 18/9 and 44/8.

For example, Madoff was found guilty today, the 12th – a number which can symbolize the victim and victimizer. 12 reduces to 3 a number which triggers four of the six numbers in his blueprint – his 9 Destiny, 6 Soul, 3 Personality and 9 Life Purpose.

When I see a large amount of your personal birth numbers in the 3-6-9 trilogy I know you're a great performer – you like to have a platform and be on stage.

Madoff must have been a charming, likeable swindler – he knew his act. Today, he's taking his act to jail.

Here's another example. Susan Tsvangirai and her husband, the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai, were in a terrible car crash last Friday – an assassination attempt on him. Sadly, Susan died.

It occurred two days after Tsvangirai's first major speech as Prime Minister in which he called for an end to political oppression and police violence.

His views are 180 degrees from Robert Mugabe's with whom he entered into a ‘shared' power agreement after the election. Not surprisingly Mugabe stated at his birthday party on February 21 that ‘I am still in control and hold executive authority, so nothing much has changed.'

So less than a month after the election, the Prime Minister and his wife are targeted.

I don't have any birthname or birthday information for Susan Tsangirai. All I can work with is her current name. It resonates to an 18 – a very challenging name number.  

The 18 explains her difficult life as closest confidant and wife of Zimbabwe's main opposition leader, who has been a target of many assassination attempts. Susan was the mother of six children and beloved figure to Zimbabweans.

Her husband's current name resonates to 31/4 – also not recommended. Note that his big speech on bringing freedom to Zimbabwe occurred on March 4 – activating his name.

To make matters worse, March is an 18 Personal Month for him, so  he needs to be very careful. Thankfully he has been taken from the Zimbabwean hospital to safety in Botswana.

Here's the really good news.

The WAY your current numbers express themselves depends to a great extent on HOW you life your life.

If you happen to be living in Zimbabwe and are leading the opposition party against a tyrant like Robert Mugabe, chances are – if you have a recipe of  challenging name and cycles – you'll feel them a lot more.

If you are living your life asleep at the wheel, same thing. If you are a crook, ditto.

On the other hand –

There are those who are constantly learning, awake and aware. These people are affected often quite differently. They are CONNECTED. They are creative. They are eager to help themselves and others. These people are fully present in body, mind and spirit.

For them, a ‘challenging' cycle manifests differently. Even a difficult name number may not bring nearly as many fateful events. Because they know how to take lemons and make lemonade.

It goes without saying that the BEST outcome in life belongs to those who follow these 3 laws.

1.  Treasure your gifts and refine them every day.

2. Have a plan in place to help you overcome negative tendencies.

3. Make sure your current name is fortunate.

All three laws are revealed and activated specifically for YOU in your Personal Numerology Blueprint.

This special document will inspire, motivate and support you in miraculous ways.

Make sure you have yours on your desk, so you can reach for it at any time.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. If all you can do right now is to have the number of your current name checked, then invest in your ‘Is My Name Fortunate?' report.

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